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Rage of Sigmar 2019

Hey there, back into the swing of things with a tournament report from Rage of Sigmar 2019, the first two-day Age of Sigmar event run by the Bad Moon Cafe in London, UK. The Bad Moon Cafe is a great venue (check out my profile for it), and has an awesome local scene developing with some strong lists. It is really interesting seeing the early General’s Handbook 2019 meta developing. Here you’ll find the pack, lists and results.

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Age of Sigmar

Rage of Sigmar Players’ Pack

The event was played using General’s Handbook 2019 pitched battle rules and scenarios.


Congratulations to all the players that took home awards:

  • First – Daniil Osudin – Changehost
  • Second – Benjamin Savva – Legion of Grief
  • Third – Sam Loving – Stormcast Eternals
  • Wax Wings (Max Points Day 1, Low Points Day 2) – Leo Rautonen (Ironjawz)
  • Puppy Smasher (Low Points Day 1, Max Points Day 2) – Ralph Hughes (Greywater Fastness)
  • Best Painted – Thomas Lemoine

The Wax Wings and Puppy Smasher awards were sponsored by the “non-litigious” Rage of Sigmar podcast from the US.

You can find the full results over on Tabletop.TO.

Rage of Sigmar Top Lists

You can find all the Rage of Sigmar lists here, and see the top lists below. There was quite a mix of factions, with a strong showing for Death.

Check out the full lists over at Tabletop.TO.

Daniil Osudin – 1st – Changehost

Benjamin Savva – 2nd – Legion of Grief

Sam L – 3rd – Stormcast Eternals

List not published.

Matthew G – 4th – Seraphon

Martijn Zuidema – 5th – SCE

Bad Moon Cafe Coverage

Hugh and everyone at the Bad Moon Cafe put together some great coverage over on their YouTube channel. You can find highlights, table-walks and short interviews with some of the players.


With thanks to those at the event, here is a selection of photos from Rage of Sigmar 2019.

Upcoming events

The Bad Moon Cafe runs monthly one-day Age of Sigmar events called War in the Mortal Realms. So if you are in the area, pop down and check them out. Tickets are available here.

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