AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

SAGT 2019 Preview

The South Australia Grand Tournament 2019 (SAGT 2019) is coming this weekend.  Fifty players smashing out some Warhammer Age of Sigmar at the Hilton RSL in Adelaide, South Australia.  Hosted by Mathew Weiss and Michael (aka Doom & Darkness) I’m sure it will be another great event on the Australian Age of Sigmar scene.

I’ll have all the results after the weekend, but you can also check out the Facebook group and follow along via Twitter.

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Age of Sigmar

SAGT 2019 Battleplans

The SAGT 2019 is five rounds of 2,000 point matched play using the following battleplans:

  • Blood and Glory
  • Starstrike
  • Better Part of Valour
  • Three Places of Power
  • Focal Points

SAGT 2019 Realms

Each round a random realm that has not yet been played in will be used for the game. The full rules for the realmscape rules, realm commands and realm spell from the Core Rulebook will be in use with the exception that the realmscape rule will be fixed as per below:

  • Shyish: Haunted Realm. The Realm Command Soul-Force Sacrifice will not be in play
  • Aqshy: Flaming Missiles
  • Chamon: Rust Plague
  • Ghur: Primal Violence. The Monstrous Beasts rule will not be in play
  • Ghyran: Seeds of Hope
  • Hysh: Aetheric Beams of Light
  • Ulgu: Perpetual Dusk

The Spells of the Realms are optional and only will be used if both players agree.

You can check out the full pack for more details.

SAGT 2019 Lists

You can check out all the lists and the Doom & Darkness list review show with Nick Hoen (of ETC, CanCon and Dwellers Below infamy).

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