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SAGT 2019 Results

Hey all, so the South Australian Grand Tournament 2019 (SAGT 2019) was run over the last weekend in Adelaide, South Australia. Fifty players fighting for glory and a great opportunity to see how Skaven and Flesh-Eater Courts are performing (very well), and how the rest of the tournament scene is reacting.

In this post, you can find the results of the SAGT 2019 and the top lists. If you want more details of the event pack, you can check out my SAGT 2019 preview.

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Age of Sigmar

SAGT 2019 Rounds & Realms

The SAGT 2019 was using five pre-determined battleplans with a randomly chosen realm (each with their own pre-determined realmscape feature) before each round.

  1. Blood and Glory – Shyish: Haunted Realm. The Realm Command Soul-Force Sacrifice will not be in play
  2. Starstrike – Ghyran: Seeds of Hope
  3. Better Part of Valour – Ghur: Primal Violence. The Monstrous Beasts rule will not be in play
  4. Three Places of Power – Chamon: Rust Plague
  5. Focal Points – Hysh: Aetheric Beams of Light

SAGT 2019 Results

So the results and awards from the weekend are:

  • First: Dan Brewer – Skaven
  • Second: Mick – Flesh-Eater Courts
  • Third: Sam Morgan – Mixed Order

Best in Alliance awards were awarded for the players that finished top in each of the four grand alliances (unless they podiumed and then it drops down to the second place in that grand alliance).

  • Best Destruction: Peter Atkinson (@PlasticCraic)
  • Best Order: Tristan (@vlossr)
  • Best Chaos: Wayne Buck
  • Best Death: Gabriele Dello

And then the hobby awards:

SAGT 2019 Top Lists

You can check out all the lists or dive straight into the top finishing ones here

First: Dan Brewer (Skaven)

Second: Mick (FEC)

Third: Sam Morgan (Mixed Order)

Best Order: Tristan (DoK)

Best Chaos: Wayne Buck (Skaven)


Best Destruction: Pete Atkinson

Best Death: Gabriele Dello (Legion of Sacrament)

SAGT 2019 Stats

You can check out all the lists if you want more information, you the pairings and the Honest Wargamer breakdown of the event compared to the global tournament meta.

Picture Gallery

So, with thanks to the people of Twitter and Facebook (mainly Michael and Christian), here are a gallery of pictures from the event.

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  1. The mixed Order list for third place by Sam Morgan is illegal. Dragon Blades are battleline only if your allegiance is Order Draconis, which would require every other unit in that list to be allied in, putting them much above the 400 pt Ally limit.

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