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South Coast GT 2018

The South Coast GT has long been the premier Warhammer Fantasy event in the UK.  Hosted by Dan, Wayne and Russ of the Heelanhammer and Facehammer podcasts, this year was the South Coast GT’s 10th running and 100 players turned up for some matched play Age of Sigmar.  This attendance was actually down on previous years due to an unfortunate change of date, resulting in clashes with Warhammer Fest 2018 on the same weekend and the London Grand Tournament (another 100 player event) the week after.

However, the event still looked like an absolute blast and the event is still growing from strength to strength with the expanded painting competition and more live coverage this year.  Check out the videos over on the Heelanhammer YouTube channel.  You can also find more coverage and pictures over on Warhammer Community.

South Coast GT

South Coast GT 2018 Pack

The South Coast GT was 6 games of 2,000 point Age of Sigmar matched play featuring both General’s Handbook and Malign Portents scenarios (Dark Omen and Heralds of Woe).  The full pack can be found here.

The guys also run a narrative event that sits as a layer over the top of the matched play gaming – their narrative bingo.  The aim being to cross off as many of the challenges on the bingo card during your games.  No points for doing so, just the satisfaction of a job well done and the laughs from the events on the tabletop.

South Coast GT 2018 – Results

I’ve taken the overall results from Warscore and added them into a Google Sheet so you can sort away to your heart’s content, but the top awards were:

South Coast GT

Jack’s list was Castellant (Lantern), General Venator, Heraldor, Spellweaver, Frost Phoenix, Vanguard Wing, 5 Liberators, and 10 Skinks.

I don’t have the details of Chris’ list but I understand it was a real mix of Order units – Dragonlord, Eidolon, an Akhelian King, Skinks, Bolt Throwers, and some Dwarf Warriors.

Darren’s list was:

South Coast GT

I’ll have a list tech interview with Darren Watson coming soon.

South Coast GT 2018 – Painting

The South Coast GT is also usually where all the best painted armies and display boards come out.  The tournament has seen great armies from around the UK (and abroad), most notably Steve Foote’s repeated entries which have taken out the “Coolest Army” awards in successive years.  Steve’s entries are usually complete with not only an epic display board but also a full table of terrain, a themed costume, narrative, a full-scale advertising campaign in the lead up to the event, videos, magazines and sound effects.

Now, for all the best painting coverage this year, check out the Pro Painted Podcast, a great Age of Sigmar podcast dedicated to painting – it really is worth a listen.  Plus Matt and the guys are hosting pictures of the best painted armies from the event over on their site.  While you are over there, check out the From Ember to Inferno campaign armies.  There are also a tonne of pictures on Twitter, just search for the hastag #SGCT2018.

The painting awards were:

South Coast GT

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    1. Hi, I don’t have copies of the South Coast GT lists, just what I can find on Twitter and other social media. I’ll see if I can find the Death lists. Otherwise, the best way is to listen to Heelanhammer for coverage.

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