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Warhammer Fest 2018

Right, so just a little bit of news has dropped lol.  A new edition, new magic, new double turn, changes to shooting mechanics, new starter set, Nighthaunt battletome and whole new models.  At the moment, I’ll pull together what I’ve found from the internet here.   This is about an hour’s worth of work collating material.  There is so much information out there, and the Warhammer Community team have done a really good job of covering all the releases, so I highly recommend checking it out.

As we learn more and more coverage comes out about Age of Sigmar Second Edition, I’ll have a new section of the site up to collate all the coverage, news, rules and models details.

Age of Sigmar Second Edition

Age of Sigmar second edition coming in JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do we know?

  • Stormcast v Nighthaunt starter set
  • Expanded hero phase – every hero can use, not just the general
  • No shooting out of combat
  • Addition of new command points system
  • Scenery dice and wound counters from GW
  • A more strategic double turn
  • If you have an army in Age of Sigmar now, you can play it in Age of Sigmar Second Edition.  Every unit will be in the new game.
  • Core rules and unit warscrolls still available to download for free.
  • All existing battletomes will work.
  • General’s Handbook 2018 will come out at the same time as Age of Sigmar Second Edition.

There is even a “Your Questions Answered” section.

Age of Sigmar narrative

The new edition book will have an expanded description of the Mortal Realms including maps, maps and maps!

New Stormcast – The Sacrosanct Chamber opens

Engineers, Wizards and Priests as new chambers open.


A whole wave of new Nighthaunt models and a battletome to boot. New Mortarch of Grief coming.

Malign Sorcery – Age of Sigmar

Magic now has a greater and more permanent effect on your games of Age of Sigmar.

New Age of Sigmar Scenery and Technical Paints

New scenery, objective markers and technical paints.

Also a licensed table! Look at that bling.

Forgeworld Khorne Dragon

The Forgeworld Khorne Dragon was on display at Warhammer Fest.  We have seen works in progress at events before, now you can see it finished and painted.

New Warhammer Community content

The Warhammer Community team is releasing an official Age of Sigmar podcast called “Stormcast”.

Hammerhal Herald – think the Regimental Standard but for Age of Sigmar.

And a new webcomic for Age of Sigmar.

More coverage

Check out all the coverage at:

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