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Tasman Cup 2020 Preview

Hey guys, with CanCon this week it is time for the Tasman Cup 2020! The Tasman Cup is a team event contested between teams from Australia and New Zealand.  Last year was the inaugural year with teams of 5 facing off. This year, with a larger travelling NZ contingent, we now have teams of 9 ready to throw down at Jolt Games in Canberra. In this post I cover the pack, introduce the teams and show their lists. 

If you are interested in reliving last year’s glorious victory for Team NZ, you can check out the coverage here:

You can follow along all the coverage from this year’s event over on my Twitter (@AoS_Shorts).

Tasman Cup 2020 Pack

The Tasman Cup is played as a primer for CanCon, so we are using the CanCon pack with all games being set in Ghyran and using the first round battle plan of Border War. 

We are also using a form of ETC pairings to determine the match-ups.  The pairings are best explained through a diagram. The aim is to try to guarantee the most favourable match-ups for your team, avoiding strong counters and occasionally throwing someone under the bus (taking a bad match-up for the good of the team). 

So lets get to the teams!

Team Aotearoa New Zealand

We are bringing the heat this year with a stacked team of James Page, Shaun Bates, Shaun Tubman, Lee Wilmot, Matt Watkinson, James McGregor, Aiden Nicol, Seth Cook and Regan O’Halloran.

James Page (Tzeentch)

James is the current New Zealand master and stoked to be able to unleash the new Disciples of Tzeentch book on CanCon.  Expect 11 casts a turn, plenty of Destiny Dice rigging, Changehost movement shenanigans, and lots and lots of summoning.

Shaun Bates (Stormcast)

Shaun is the current New South Wales champions (winner of the Sydney GT) and New Zealand’s best Stormcast player.  He also talks shit on the Notorious Age of Sigmar podcast. Shaun is taking his trusty shootcast with the addition of some sushi borrowed from Lee. 

Shaun Tubman (Gloomspite Gitz)

Shaun, the other half of the Notorious podcast, previous NZ master and inventor of the yellow Bad Moon balloon.  Shaun is running a wave of bodies backed up by strong casting and lots of endless spells. 

Matt Watkinson (Tzeentch)

The first of Team NZ’s English imports (seriously, emigrate here people) is Matty Watkinson.  An all-round lovely gent with a beautifully painted army, which you can look at as it burns you off the table.  Matt has brought the fire and, after a great result at Sydney GT too, is expected to do well. 

Lee Wilmot (Tempest’s Eye))

Returning Tasman Cup player Lee is known for his mixed Order collection and obsession with allied choices. Lee is coming off winning Valley Con last weekend and taking the first trophy with Tempest’s Eye anywhere in the world. 

James McGregor (Tempest’s Eye)

James is coming over for his first CanCon and is also bringing a Tempest’s Eye list.  Phoenix Guard, Irondrakes, Endrinriggers, a Phoenix and lots of support. What’s not to like?

Seth Cook (Mawtribes)

Seth, our ass-kicking American librarian, is on a redemption path after his rather short game against Liam Burnett-Blue last year.  Seth is bringing reinforcements this time with a new and improved Mawtribes battletome and a load of angry fat guys. 

Aiden Nicol (Legion of Grief)

The master of horde armies before they were cool (see original Pestilens and now Grief), Aiden is attending his first CanCon and flooding the board with ghosts.  Can’t wait to see those Myrmourn Banshees barrelling around the board. 

Regan O’Halloran (Legion of Night)

Last but not least, is Upper Hunt’s Regan.  Also a CanCon debutant, he is rocking with Legion of Night to surprise some people with things that go bump in the night. 

Team Australia

So who are the random bunch of Australians picked to face off against Aotearoa’s travelling posse?  

Sam Morgan (captain) (Order)

SMorgan, Victorian, former Australian ETC MVP, and member of the Dwellers podcast who 20-0’d an English Master.  Sam is drawing attention with a rather unique Mixed Order list with all the big names.

Mat Tyrell (Nighthaunt)

Mat is the current Australian master, the Australian ETC captain, and the Mayor of Dubbo.  Always a keen Death man, Matt is taking Nighthaunt this year. Despite the new list, not a man to be underestimated. 

Hayden Walker (Mawtribes)

Hayden Walker, the man from Brisbane, personal trainer, committed member of #StormcastStrong and aelf-lover.  However, this year he is running his Jurassic Park themed, 6 model Mawtribes army! Whatever the result, this is going to be a fun weekend for Hayden running 6 big beasties. 

Gabriel Hanna (Ironjawz)

Gabe of Rune Axe Wargaming (and another Queensland man) has abandoned his beloved Legion of Azgorh in order to smash face up close and personal with an Ironjawz lists.  Gabe’s armies always look great so I can’t wait to see it on the tabletop. 

Chris Welfare (Sylvaneth)

Chris, host of the Mortally Wounded podcast and Sydney Slaughter TO, is a perennial Masters podium player.  Chris is on a mission to prove that Sylvaneth are still worth their salt and is taking advantage of the recent points drops, while relying on his trusty old faithful branchwych bomb. 

Dave Hurley (Idoneth Deepkin)

Dave, I must confess, I do not know much about.  Dave is running an eel-based Deepkin list after switching over from Death for Sydney GT.

Ash McEwan (Tzeentch)

Ash, a golden boy of Australian Warhammer, took last year’s CanCon by storm with an unexpected Nighthaunt list.  This year, Ash claims to be running “friendly Tzeentch” (if friendly is defined as generating a large number of Destiny Dice to rig every key roll in the game. 

Liam Burnett-Blue (Bonereapers)

Liam, one-half of the excellent Down Under Sigmar series on YouTube with AoS Coach, is really leaning into his Warhammer Villain status by taking Petrifex Elite this year.  Liam will be looking for his second Tasman Cup victory in two years. 

Nick Hoen (Slaves to Darkness)

Nick, also of the Dwellers, has stepped in at the last minute to run a Slaves to Darkness list for Team Australia.  This list has far more to it than meets the eye and Nick is a great player (finishing high at CanCon 2019).

I’ll be back later in the week with a full report of how the event unfolded. 

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