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The Labyrinth – Narrative Event Pack for Age of Sigmar

Hey all, today I have a summary of the Labyrinth, a narrative Age of Sigmar event recently run by the Auckland Model Citizens club.  Andy Long, our local NEO (@golongdesign) put on a great one day event with an amazing set of resources.  Andy definitely put his graphic designing talents to great use creating an epic card deck, mission packs and collection of the players’ individual narratives.  You can find all the resources for the event at the bottom of the page and catch an interview with Andy over on We Are The NEON.

As always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Garry at DFM provided some epic terrain for the event.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive.  Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

The Labyrinth of Eternity – A Legend Revealed

In the depths of Shyish, an ancient empire long since thought extinct and forgotten, housed their greatest treasures and their very bodies in a place they considered so secure they assumed none would ever be able to defile it’s sanctity. A mighty necropolis so vast that it took generations and millennia to construct. They called their mighty construct The Labyrinth of Eternity.

In the millennia that followed, many a tale was told of the pyramids at the centre of the labyrinth and the powerful relics they housed. Treasure hunters and scholars alike speculated on the details, but all agreed on one thing – the relics, while powerful beyond measure, were all but unobtainable.

The said no sorcery could break its many layered charms and curses. No map could chart the wicked traps and convoluted mind bending architecture. The stories all agreed, it was impenetrable.

That was until the great Necromancer unleashed the necroquake.

The protections undone, a once great myth was revealed as truth and the illusionary spell that kept the Labyrinth hidden fell. Within the endless deserts of the Voidscape on the wild borders of eastern edge of the realm of Shyish lay prizes and treasures too powerful to be allowed into the hands of our dreaded enemies.

Narrative Event Pack

The Labyrinth of Eternity was a three round, 1,000 point narrative Age of Sigmar event aimed at introducing players to the joy of narrative play.


How the Exploration Dynamic Works

Between each round, the players explore the Labyrinth.


How the Explore Phase works

One player at a time, players explore the Labyrinth. Any cards drawn will either go into your hand, OR be discarded in the pile beside their correct deck. Once a deck is exhausted, the cards are shuffled up and returned as a fresh deck.

The cards are organised into three decks, North, East and West. When a player begins to explore, they can pull from any of the three decks, but many cards will dictate which card deck they can next be picked up from. Eg Path: Corridors force you to pick again from the
same deck, whereas many of the more flavourful cards, such as Pitfall, will allow you to pick up from any deck.

Some cards force you to pass your turn onto the next player. If this happens you’ll be put to the back of the queue but retain any cards you accrued in your first explore. If there are no more elligible players, then you will simply continue on.

Your Explore Phase ends at the moment you draw a Ream Chamber card, and any cards left in your hand that are unuseable in the next game are discarded into their decks.


Assigning tables and match-ups

Once all the Explorers have completed their Explore Phases, tables can be assigned. On the first round, as there are no winners or losers yet, so only one deck will be presented. From the second mission on, two decks will be shown, a player 1 deck for victors and a player 2 deck for losers.

The card will dictate which realm the game is to be played in, and which player they are for the purposes of the mission.

Using bonus cards in the game

Before the mission begins, reveal to your opponent what boons and curses you have got from your Explore Phase and apply the rules as instructed by the cards.  Some cards will delay your units, thus preventing them from being setup. In these cases, you must declare the unit is delayed as one of your deployments for the purposes of who goes first in the mission.

Epic Effects

After the first mission, Epic Effect cards will be added to the decks. These units could have a profound effect on the game.

Narrative Missions

The event was played over three missions inspired by moments from Indiana Jones.

Round 1 – The Reaches

‘That old man better not have been lying…’ you think. Your army slowly rounds the pass, your soldiers’ hunched weariness suddenly becomes more alert, lively. As you see it your own fatigue falls away too.

After many leagues of searching your arrive at one of the gates to the labyrinth. Mighty chains hang from the huge doors. You order your strongest to pull them open. A seal that is mounted over the door cracks in half; a wave of air is sucked in akin to the door taking a dying breath.

The arch now clear, you stare down the corridor with some trepidation. Part of you knows this is to be your destiny, the signs that brought you here told you as much.

The old man steps from the gate. ‘good, you made it’ he croaks. Alert, you draw your weapon.

‘how are you here, sorcerer?, what is this? A trick?’ The old decrepid man makes a heaving gutteral noise before he speaks.

‘Tricks? This is unimportant… you are here. That is what matters.’ He clears his throat again.

‘Before you lies the burial tomb of The Great Pharon. A place you know as The Labyrinth of Eternity…’

A titter of disquiet pulses through your army, you shoot your head around, and they fall silent, fearing your wrath more than some legend.

‘Enter here and find your reward’. He smiles at this. You greatly distrust this man as your army begins the march into the gate.

Mission 1

The Curse from Mission 1.


Round 2 – The Outer Annulet

You had dared to allow yourself the thought, even for a second that this was too easy. The realm antechamber had changed all that. You lead your forces forward, leaving the horror of the Antechamber behind you.

Casualties have been high, how much more of this infernal maze is left? You feel you know the answer to this question before you had even finished thinking it.

‘You’ve only just begun’ rasps the old man. Again you draw your weapon, but you know in your heart this show of instinctual force would be useless against this stranger.

‘Speak your piece and be done with it, sorcerer!’ Your rage fuelled response surprises even you, you know by showing emotion you’re losing the battle of wits with this strange decrepid foe.

‘Take the Ark to the ritual, deep within the outer annulet, the true labyrinth. Remember, the Ark is but a test, the first of many. Only they who are truly worthy shall receive the prize.

The man’s laugh echoes long after he has vanished. You silently vow you’ll kill this man.

Mission 2

Round 3 – The Inner Circle

The ritual completed, the great gates securing the inner section of the Labyrinth are annihilated by the destructive spell. Wearily you lead your army onward. The trials that have beset them are draining, but with your sheer force of will you drive them onwards. Victory
or death! There is no third option.

The maze of the inner sanctum has become tight. Its old, eons old. It’s slow going now with rubble and debris strewn across the ground. Some chambers are full of sand, others flooded with stagnant water.

You enter a open room full of old statues, a relief from the cramped corridors. A throne resides in the centre, and upon it… ‘You!’

The old man is now dressed in ornate gold finery. He looks at home within the throne room.

‘You lead us to our deaths, demon!’ you spit out.

‘Maybe so’. He feigns innocence. ‘Or maybe riches beyond reckoning. It’s far too late to turn back.’

You slash your weapons at the man, he turns to a wisp. Then returns to solid form now smiling.

‘Enough of this. Through those doors, right over there. You will face your final trial. It’s nearly over for you.’

Mission 3

Aftermath – The Choosing

Your armies decimated, victory has come at near supreme cost. So many dead, so much bloodshed. You alone approach the glowing portal.

Time itself melts away as you find yourself in a strange chamber, full of crowns. Crowns of all shapes and sizes.

What is this? Other beings seem to stand in your place, other champions from the maze? I thought I was the only one? Just when you think you can perceive them, they fade away, as if the name of an old acquaintance you can’t quit put your finger on.

The old man beckons you forward. Of course he would be here. He seems changed, wait, is he an old man? He seems younger?

‘Choose my Lord’s crown but choose wisely, for glory awaits the wise, and only the pain of death awaits the foolish.’ he says confidently, powerfully.

You look at the crowns, you’ve seen all of the clues, you know who this Phraon is surely? With no small trepidation think you know which one, you pick it up and place it upon your head…

The third mission was designed so victorious players would have an opportunity to win the day! The mission’s victory condition requires a player to control an objective and select a unit within range as their champion—a single survivor who could be worthy of the prize at the centre of the labyrinth—however if neither player controlled the objective, both players would lose!

The champion takes whatever wounds they had remaining and attempt the test of worthiness to wear the Crown of the Phaeron, the narrative of which is a room full of crowns, only one of which is blessed while the others are cursed. This was represented in gaming terms by another deck of 37 cards, only one of which is the Crown. The rest of the cards dealt mortal wounds representing a poorly chosen crown.

Andy believes that narrative tournaments should not be decided by who won the most, but rather by an extra element driven by story. In this case the aftermath condition proved a great leveler of the tournament in that while some players had won all of their missions, it was possible that any player could win the day (or did they? Dum dum duuum).

You have chosen wisely… (or not….)

You place the Crown atop your head. The Lich smirks, ‘you have chosen wisely’.

Instantly your mind floods with the knowledge of the Great God Pharon Shapeshothep the IV; fourth of his name, that is anointed by Shapesh, also called the Magnificent, the Majestic, and the Eternal Tyrant. In your mind’s eye, you can see mystic arts long lost, engineering knowledge beyond fathoming, wonders beyond reckoning—with these powers indeed you will be the most powerful ruler to ever live!

Wait… what is happening?

The Lich begins to laugh. You hear a voice, but can see no source. You try to take off the crown, but you can’t move!

Your vision goes black. The voice in your mind speaks with your mouth.

‘Free! After eons at last I am free! This pitiful being shall be my new body and I shall take my revenge on my enemies who imprisoned me in this infernal Labyrinth.’ The Lich bows before you.

Mid-action at Hobbymaster, Auckland, NZ
Wrap-up and prizes

Narrative Resources


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