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Top Age of Sigmar Lists

Hey all, I’ve decided to start a new series of articles on the site comparing and contrasting top tournament lists from the most competitive Warhammer Age of Sigmar factions.  The aim is to provide analysis and a resource:

  • for new players – who want to know what the most common units used in top tournament lists; and
  • for experienced players – to consider the nuances and key differences of the lists, as well as to prepare for their next tournament.

So today I’ve added a page on the Top Legions of Nagash lists given that Legions of Nagash are currently the flavour of the month on the Age of Sigmar scene.  Check out the page here or click on the image below.

Legions of Nagash Lists

Let me know what you think of the series and what more details I should include.  I think Daughters of Khaine, Stormcast Eternals and Sylvaneth will be next on my list.


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