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XL: London AoS GT / How to write a list for a tournament pack!

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On today’s episode, I’m joined by the organisers of the London Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament, Tom Loyn and Jack Armstrong, to discuss their tournament pack and how to take into account a tournament pack in writing your army list.  How to consider the scoring system, tiebreakers, scenarios, objectives and meta to write the best army list possible!

Tom and Jack are perfectly placed to advise on this topic:

  • Tom is the captain of Team Wales, and
  • Jack is the current UK#8, winner of the Facehammer GT, 3rd at the South Coast GT, and the first player ever to get a perfect 400 in the UK rankings.

The London Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament

The London AoS GT is being held on 19 and 20 May 2018 at the Westminster Academy Sport, Torquay St, London W2 5EW.  It will be a 2,000 point matched play tournament using General’s Handbook 2017, a Win / Loss / Draw scoring system and with some additional in-game quests as the first tiebreaker.

The London AoS GT is being held as part of the London Grand Tournament, a tabletop wargaming convention that is centred around organised play.  In London, every May, hundreds of hobbyists get together to throw dice and have a whole lot of fun.​

Originally conceived in a pub late one cold winter night, the LGT has grown from a Warhammer 40k GT to a multi-system wargaming convention, including additional events such as an Age of Sigmar GT, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Warmaster and a narrative Horus Heresy event.  Last year, Warhammer Live streamed the 40k GT on Twitch!

Buy tickets from 1 November

Ticket sales and the full pack will go live on 1 November (next Wednesday!).  Go to the website to purchase tickets and to sign up for their mailing list for priority ticket access and updates on the event.  Check it out:

Where to find us

You can find Tom on Twitter at @tloyn, Jack at @jackwarmstrong and me at @antipodean7.  As always, check out the other resources on this site and AoS Shorts on Facebook.

All feedback, comments, criticism and ideas welcome so please get in touch 🙂

Further resources

For more tips on how to write effective army lists and tournament play check out these shows:

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