AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

Adepticon 2019 Preview

Hi all, today starts the epic Warhammer Age of Sigmar coverage from Adepticon 2019 – the largest Age of Sigmar event, and the world’s premiere wargaming convention. Adepticon is a true convention with hundreds of systems, events, classes, seminars, stalls and more. The event hosted 4,500 people last year at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Centre Hotel, outside Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Today, I’ll be previewing the Age of Sigmar events at Adepticon 2019. The action starts with the Games Workshop Studio Preview at 9pm Chicago Time (2am Thursday GMT) before cracking into the gaming tomorrow. The Age of Sigmar events are:

  • the Vanguard tournament (Thursday)
  • the Gibbering Dome narrative event (Thursday)
  • the Team Tournament (Friday)
  • the Championships (Saturday / Sunday)
  • the Youngbloods (Sunday)

All of the events run with plenty of breaks and time to roam around the convention or catch up with wargaming friends from across the world.

Here you’ll find all the pack details and links to the coverage over the weekend. You can check out its website and my 2018 coverage for a taste of the event. I also have a Twitter list containing the attendees of the Age of Sigmar events that I know, so if you are on Twitter you can subscribe to the list and follow along with the excitement over the weekend.

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Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar Vanguard

The key details for the Age of Sigmar Vanguard tournament at Adepticon 2019 are:

  • Thursday 28 March – 9am to 7:30pm
  • 1000 points
  • 5 games
  • 96 players
  • Malign Sorcery and Realm Rules in play (realms and featured announced on the day)
  • Hidden Agendas as Secondary Objectives

Check out the full pack for more details.

The Gibbering Dome Narrative Event

Paul is running a bespoke narrative event on the Thursday called the Gibbering Dome. Sixteen players will bring 1,000 points of models and play through a string of custom narrative scenarios carrying on the adventures from last year.

Check out the full pack for more details.

Age of Sigmar Team Tournament

The Team Tournament is one of the premiere events over the weekend and always looks and absolute blast. 84 pairs will bring a 2,000 point army (made up of two 1,000 point halves) and play 3 games using the Coalition of Death rules.

The key details are:

  • Friday 29 March, 8am to 8:30pm
  • 2, 1,000 point armies
  • Coalition of Death rules (Core Book, p272)
  • No duplicate army allegiance abilities (except if using the Grand Alliance abilities)
  • Malign Sorcery and Realm Rules in play (announced on the day)
  • Hidden Agendas used as Secondary Objectives

Check out the full pack for more details.

Age of Sigmar Championships

The blue ribbon event of the weekend: the Age of Sigmar Championships. 204 players playing five games of 2,000 points matched play over the weekend. Last year the top three were Sean Troy (Changehost), Jeff Campbell-Crawley (Fyreslayers) and Adam Trunzo (Seraphon). How the meta has shifted.

The key details are:

  • Saturday 30 (8am – 7pm) and Sunday 31st March (8:30am – 4pm)
  • 204 players!
  • the new Blades of Khorne book is not in play
  • Malign Sorcery rules are in force – with each game being played in a pre-determined realm with a pre-determined realmscape feature (both announced on the day)
  • Hidden Agendas will be used as secondary objectives

Check out the full pack and the painting/appearance guide for more details.

Age of Sigmar Youngbloods

Finally on Sunday there is a small event for the Youngbloods, players under the age of 16 in a three game, 1500 point event.

Check out the full pack for more details.

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