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Adepticon 2019 Day 1: Preview, Vanguard & Dome

Hey all, a quick round-up of day 1 of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar events at Adepticon 2019. The first day was for the Vanguard event and the narrative event, the Gibbering Dome. You can check out my preview of all the events and follow along all the coverage on Twitter here.

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Age of Sigmar

GW Studio Preview

Wednesday night was the Games Workshop Studio Preview, one of the biggest preview events that Games Workshop runs each year. Around 500 eager hobbyists lined up to hear the latest news from the horses’ mouth. You can find all the coverage over on Warhammer Community, and check out my pages for:

The Gibbering Dome

The Gibbering Dome was the narrative Age of Sigmar event. Paul put a massive amount of effort in building an amazing set and running a great event. We’ll have a full write-up after the weekend of the story of the Dome. But for now, some photos.

The Vanguard Event

The Vanguard event was a 1,000 point Age of Sigmar event with 86 players.

The awards were:

  • Overall – Emma Mangels (FEC)
  • Second – Tom Lyons (DoK)
  • Third – Sean Troy (Skaven)
  • Sports – Tom Toepfer
  • Paint – David Griffin
  • Best Order – Jake L’Ecuyer
  • Best Death – Shaun Clarke
  • Best Destruction – Scooter Walters
  • Best Chaos – Kaleb Walters
David Griffin’s Best Appearance Winner

The top 10 were:

  1. Gristlegore FEC
  2. Khailebron Daughters of Khaine
  3. Skaven
  4. Daughters of Khaine
  5. ???
  6. Feast Day FEC
  7. Gristlegore FEC
  8. Disciples of Tzeentch
  9. Ironjawz
  10. ???

You can find the full results on Warscore.

The tables

Armies on display

Mates and Good Times

Surely the best part of Adepticon has to be catching up with awesome wargaming mates from across the globe. Can’t wait until next year to join in the fun.

And also a great chance to catch up with your painting hero, Vince Venturella 😉

And to pick up some cool swag…

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