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Adepticon Age of Sigmar Lists & Results

Well it looks like it was a great four days of gaming at Adepticon again this year.  In this post you will find the top Adepticon Age of Sigmar lists, results and all the awards.

For all the rest of the Adepticon coverage, including the Studio Preview and pictures check out my preview Adepticon post and the Idoneth Deepkin page.

The Adepticon Age of Sigmar Championships

The pinnacle of the weekend, 5 games, 2,000 pts, General’s Handbook 2017 with custom scenarios.  You can read the pack here or my summary here (including the custom scenarios played).

  • Best Overall
    • 1st – Sean Troy – Changehost
    • 2nd – Jeff Campbell-Crawley – Fyreslayers
    • 3rd – Adam Trunzo – Seraphon
  • Best in Grand Alliances
    • Chaos – Joe Krier
    • Death – Brendan Melnick
    • Destruction – Scooter Walters
    • Order – Chai Tzola
  • Best Appearance
    • 1st – Terry Pike
    • 2nd – Mike Scalletti
    • 3rd – Chris Slye
  • Best Sports
    • 1st – Mark Mitzman
    • 2nd – Jacob Berry
    • 3rd – Patrick Gannon

You can now see the top 21 lists (organised by battle points, so no sports or paint) here.

Sean Troy – 1st

Jeff Crawley – 2nd

Chai Tzola – 3rd


Full results available here on Warscore or here as a Google Sheet for editing.   The results are now broken down by Grand Alliance, and also show the primary, secondary and tertiary battle point scores.

Thanks to Sam Valdez and PlasticCraic I can share some charts with you analyzing the results.


Average rank for battle point (i.e. lower is better performing)


Average rank for painting score (i.e. lower is better performing)


Lists to come when available.


The Adepticon Age of Sigmar Team Tournament

The doubles tournament – 2×1000 point armies, GHB2017, custom scenarios.  Check out the pack  here or my summary.

  • Best Overall
    • 1st – Sean Troy and Stephen Thompson
    • 2nd – Kaleb Walters and Scooter Walters
    • 3rd – Andrew Standiferd and Miles Hamrick
  • Best in Grand Alliances
    • Chaos – David Fields and Paul
    • Death – Brendan Melnick and Mark Tobin
    • Destruction – Frank Lattyak and Nick Simone
    • Order – Andrew Standiferd and Miles Hamrick
    • Unaligned – Zachary Caschetta and Brian Zlotorzycki
  • Best Appearance
    • 1st – Chris Slye and Jason Zajac
    • 2nd – Michael Butcher and Andrew Simons
    • 3rd – Kelly Freiberg and Wayne Kemp
  • Best Sports
    • 1st – David Griffin and Jacob Burleson
    • 2nd – Carson Burns and Adam Pyle
    • 3rd – Ryan Kopina and Ben Boyd

The top 14 team lists are here.

Sean Troy & Stephen Thompson – 1st

Scooter & Kaleb Walters – 2nd

Andrew Standiferd & Miles Hamrick – 3rd

Full updated results and as Google Sheet.

The Adepticon Vanguard Tournaments

On Thursday, there were two Vanguard Tournaments (one in the morning, one in the evening) 1,000 point, 3 round event.  A great loosener for the events ahead.

You can find a full copy of the pack here but the key points are the same as those covered above for the other events.

AM Vanguard Awards

  • Best Overall
    • 1st – Chris Slye
    • 2nd – Kaleb Walters
    • 3rd – Thomas Lyons
  • Best General
    • Chaos: Kaleb Walters
    • Death: Brendan Melnick
    • Destruction: Scooter Walters
    • Order: Patrick Brynildson
  • Best Sports
    • 1st – Ben Boyd
    • 2nd – Dan Heelan
    • 3rd – Thomas Lyons
  • Appearance: Steve Herner

Full Warscore results or as a Google Sheet.

PM Vanguard Awards

  • Best Overall
    • 1st – Bryan Carmichael
    • 2nd – Kaleb Walters
    • 3rd – Donnie Goerlitz
  • Best General
    • Chaos: Kaleb Walters
    • Death: Shaun Clarke
    • Destruction: Scooter Walters
    • Order: Marvin Sims
  • Best Sports
    • 1st – Andrea Schwandt
    • 2nd – Stuart Gateley
    • 3rd – Eric Rehm
  • Appearance: Kit Reisch

Full Warscore results or as a Google Sheet.

The Adepticon Youngbloods

Results coming.

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    1. I’ll try to find a good copy from Alex the TO – there have been a few pics floating around but I don’t believe they sit in the packs hosted on the Adepticon site.

    2. Battle points were 60% of the scoring. One could achieve 18 points in each scenario, where 12 points were possible from the main objectives, 4 for secondary objectives, and 2 points for tertiary objectives, for a total of 90 battle points possible.

      Painting and Sportsmanship were each worth 28% and 22% of the scoring respectively (although the pack says 20/20 for some reason). Armies were scored on a 50 point scale for painting from a checklist (with a total of 70 possible points that maxed out at 50). For Sports scores, each player rated their opponent on a 1-5 scale, and that ported directly over to one’s sports score.

    1. Stormcast can struggle against lists with high numbers of models with strong saves (think buffed Fyreslayers) or with high mortal wound output (Tzeentch etc).

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