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Age of Sigmar Team Tournaments

Hey all, we’re back with a show on Age of Sigmar team tournaments. Jack Armstrong and Tom Loyn join the show to advise on how to select a team for an Age of Sigmar team tournaments, how to write army lists tailored for the event and how to master the pairings process.  Also we end the show with an update on the London Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament, there are still the last few places if you are keen.

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How to choose a team for an Age of Sigmar team tournament

  • Reliability
    • make sure that you have players who will turn up and not leave the rest of the team in the lurch.
  • Performance
    • In a 4 person team you can control 1 match-up but have less control over the other match-ups, therefore you need to have confidence that your players will be able to achieve wins.
    • You may be able to carry one list that has one unfavourable match-up (for example, a Kroak list is poor against Fyreslayers and KO one-drop armies) but generally you want strong all-round lists.
    • In team events with more players you have greater freedom to control match-ups
  • List balance
    • Choose the lists comfortable with play style and practice.
    • Something unexpected or misunderstood. Element of surprise.
    • Bully list – A list so feared and powerful that it can help control match-ups – KO
      Nico team going all 1 drops to give match up issues
      Skewing can work – tom’s monster mash – playing vs the meta.

Age of Sigmar team tournament packs

  • One of each grand alliance?
  • No duplicate warscroll between lists?
  • Scoring system
    • Major vs minor wins
    • Proportional system could come back in some form via secondary objectives in order to allow more granularity in scoring.
    • Secondary objectives
      • Max 2 and score capped at 30 – so if major, then any secondary gives nothing.
      • Allocate to losing match-ups to get 3 majors and get 1 card – to cap out 100. Even if drawing – could get 90.

Check out my previous Blood Tithe coverage for all the pack details.

How to prepare for a team tournament

  • First match up and then scan over top lists
  • Less prep needed at 4 as fewer permutations at table

How to master the pairing process

  • Each team controls 2 match-ups in a four player tournament
  • You put 1 up, and 1 in hand will face the 2 given to you. Therefore you have 100% control over what you face.
  • However, you lose control over the pair you put up.
  • Who has the single worse match-up but with no other problems> i.e. They can put up two and I’d always want to play one of them. This is army up first.
  • Which 2 armies are most competitive against all of them? They are the counter.
  • Other list, some good or bad, held back in hand.

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