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AoS 6 Nations Preview

Hey all, this weekend brings the premier international team competition for Warhammer Age of SIgmar – the AoS 6 Nations, hosted this year at Common Ground Games in Stirling, Scotland.  The 6 Nations is a 8 player team tournament featuring England (the 2017 champions), Scotland (2017 runners up), Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Sweden.  With Age of Sigmar second edition released a week ago, and so many more options available to the players, the lists and competition is expected to be crazy!  In this post I’ll cover the AoS 6 Nations lists, the tournament pack and tell you where to find all the coverage you need.

AoS 6 Nations Pack

The event is over 5 rounds of 2,000 points Age of Sigmar Second Edition.  The General’s Handbook 2018 and all current FAQs and Errata are in play.   All games will be played using the 6 new matched play scenarios from General’s Handbook 2018 and the Realm of Battle rules are not being using..

In terms of list-building restrictions, the key ones are:

  • Endless spells with a points value may be used by any player in a team and must be included as part of
    submitted list. Spells with models must use the correct models.
  • Realm Artefacts may not be duplicated within a team.
  • Excluding Battleline units Warscrolls may not be duplicated across armies in a team but may be duplicated
    within a single players’ army. For example, two players in a team using a Stormcast Eternal Army may
    include Judicators however a third player with a mixed order army cannot use them as they are only
    Battleline within a Stormcast Eternals army.

You can read the full event pack for all the pairing, victory point and tie breaker details here.  Key to note is the return of the round score cap – now a team will score between the minimum of 60 points and the maximum of 120 points per team per round.  Capping helps to reduce the potentially skewing effect of the random team match-up process in the first rounds.

AoS 6 Nations Lists

So, what you have probably been waiting for, the AoS 6 Nations lists 🙂 I’ll come back and add some notes on the lists later in the week.  I also understand some amendments to the Irish SCE list and Byron’s weapons choices (both submitted before deadline) are coming.

AoS 6 Nations


(credit to Stephen Mitchell)

AoS 6 Nations Schedule

Round 1

  • Scotland v Wales
  • England v Ireland
  • Northern Ireland v Sweden

Round 2

  • Scotland v Northern Ireland
  • Sweden v England
  • Ireland v Wales

Round 3

  • Ireland v Scotland
  • England v Northern Ireland
  • Sweden v Wales

Round 4

  • Northern Ireland v Ireland
  • Wales v England
  • Sweden v Scotland

Round 5

  • Wales v Northern Ireland
  • Ireland v Sweden
  • England v Scotland

AoS 6 Nations Coverage

As always, the best way to follow all the breaking news and coverage from the 6 Nations over the weekend is on Twitter (#AoS6Nations).  This year each of the teams have their own official Twitter accounts, so give them a follow and keep up to date:

When I get a chance, I’ll add the full team lists and links to individual twitter accounts.

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