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Warhost 2018 – First AoS2 Matched Play Tournament

Hey all, a quick preview post for the world’s first* two day matched-play Age of Sigmar Second Edition matched play tournament happening this weekend in Hamilton, New Zealand.  Its going to be really interesting to see how the armies go in the Wild West of the early days of AoS2.  So check below for the crazy hot takes on AoS2 lists.

We are also trialing a few new things in order to encourage narrative and hobby involvement at a traditionally matched play focused event.  Game-play, narrative and painting all have separate scoring systems and prizes of equal value awarded at the end.  Check out the details below, and I’d encourage you to participate in the public voting for narrative and painting here over the weekend.

Finally, the event has been sponsored by Mighty Ape, a New Zealand online retailer and hobby store that is currently starting to host its own Age of Sigmar events in Auckland.  Mighty Ape have kindly provided prize support and discounted mats for use on the table tops.

AoS2 Lists

Warhost AoS2 Pack

The Warhost pack is 5 rounds of 2,000pt Age of Sigmar Second Edition using the General’s Handbook 2018, Endless Spells and Realm Artefacts.  The Realm of Battle Rules are not in play.  But apart from that, the event is straight out of the book.

We are playing Total Commitment, Focal Points, Shifting Objectives, Places of Arcane Power and the Relocation Orb.  We are also using 3 hour rounds so that everyone can get a grip with the new rules.

For the full details check out the pack.

Warhost AoS2 Lists

All our AoS2 lists are now in, and you can download and check them out.   As you will see there are quite a few lists rocking magical defence, some strong Death lists coming and a lot of order armies bringing the Lens from Hyish to protect their armies from mortal wounds.

I’ll have some coverage on these lists and how they did after the weekend, but check out the Notorious AoS podcast on Podbean and iTunes for a list preview show.

Warhost AoS2 Narrative

Each player has been encouraged to write a narrative for their army for the tournament, including a narrative that ties into the scenarios that are being played.  Players are invited to engage with their opponent about their narrative.

We are trying something a little different with this tournament. One of the things we love about the hobby is the ability to create a shared story between the players. For this tournament there will be a narrative competition judged by your pairs. Further details on this section will be discussed on page two of this pack. The minimum requirement for this section is that you must participate with your opponent in their story. This section is mostly optional we do not expect
players to come up with background information or a narrative story if they just wish to throw dice, however you will still be asked to rank your opponents on the narrative they presented to you during your games as discussed on page two

Event Narrative
For this event, YOU will be setting the narrative for your games. Examine what scenarios are being played on which rounds and come up with interesting narratives for your army on those scenarios. During each game you with play through your narrative with your opponent. The narrative could involve sub objectives for your army to accomplish or stop your opponent form accomplishing, however these sub objectives do not come into play for gameplay scoring in deciding who achieves victory. Effectively you are trying to create a story during gameplay with your opponent – perhaps during one scenario your heroes are attempting to draw power from one of the objectives or one of the objectives signify a hostage. The options are endless and it is up to the players to create an enjoyable story with their opponent.

Narrative Scoring
At the end of the tournament each player will score their opponents from favourite to least  favourite in terms of their narrative. Each players favourite opponent scores 5 points, second favourite 4 points down to 1 point for least favourite.

Already we have some players going to great lengths to really set the scene for their armies.  Just check out Andy Long (@golongdesign)’s work for his Slaanesh army.

AoS2 Event Coverage

I’ll be providing coverage over Twitter over the weekend, and you can follow along at #Warhost2018.  I’m also hoping to have some videos recorded 🙂

*as far as I know, and by only about 12 hours over the AoS 6 Nations in the UK 😉

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