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Last AoS 1 Tournament Round-up

Today is the last Age of Sigmar matched play tournament round-up that I will be doing for first edition.  Yes, ‘Ardfists (Melbourne, Australia) and Flying Monkey Con (Wichita, US) are still to come, but I don’t realistically see myself having the time to cover them as well as all the Second Edition news that is hitting.  So today is the last time I’ll be covering Age of Sigmar lists for first edition.  Below, you’ll find the top Age of Sigmar lists, results and pictures (to the extent that I have them) for:

  • Games Workshop Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 3
  • Sydney Slaughter
  • Badgacon
  • Triumph GT

All four events were held over the weekend of 9 / 10 June 2018.  Given the number of events, and that we have a new edition around the corner, I have not covered the events in my usual detail, but I still wanted to have a record of them for posterity.

For more Age of Sigmar tournament lists and coverage, check out my archive, and the events coverage posts.

Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Heat 3

Heat 3 saw a new range of armies around the top tables, as well as several old favourites as players took armies out for a spin for the last time.

The pack is here.

Heat 3 Results

So the Top 10 were:

  • Tony Moore – Changehost
  • Dan Bradshaw – Disciples of Tzeentch (Tzaangor)
  • Bryan Carmichael – Mixed Order
  • Daniel Ford – Maggotkin
  • Rob Symes – Seraphon
  • Carl Martin – Seraphon
  • Mark Busby – Skryre
  • Nick Thompson – Daughters of Khaine
  • Ant Lewis – Legions of Nagash
  • Hayden Long – Sylvaneth

The full results were:

Heat 3 Painting Nominations and Awards

As always, the standard of army painting was high at Warhammer World and you can check out my army showcases of Tim’s Daughters of Khaine and Brad’s crazy Skaven for more great pictures.

If you are a subscriber to the Warhammer Twitch channel, you can also check out the videos of the games.

Sydney Slaughter

The Sydney Slaughter is hosted by Chris Welfare of the Mortally Wounded podcast.  Chris is a great bloke and top tier gamer.  You can find the event’s page here.

Sydney Slaughter Pack

The pack has a number of cool custom scenarios which are worth checking out.

Sydney Slaughter Age of Sigmar Lists

The lists (here) were reviewed over on the Heralds of War podcast.

Sydney Slaughter Results

1st Place – Dave Kerr
2nd Place – Dan Brewer
3rd Place – Adam Burt
Wooden Spoon – Jakeb Sparke
Best Order – Rob Reimers
Best Chaos – Dave Kerr
Best Death – Anthony Magro
Best Destruction – Deano Matthews
Strategic Genius – Dave Kerr
Best Opponent – Dan Saye
Best Presented – Travis Cooper
Coolest Army – Ryan Kirby
Hero of Legend – Travis Cooper
Monstrous Marvel – Andrew Bigwood
Regiment of Renown – Travis Cooper
The Masterpiece – Steven Drury

Age of Sigmar lists

Age of Sigmar lists

Sydney Slaughter Pictures

Age of Sigmar lists


Badgacon looked like a mental event run in the Aussie bush by those great lads at the Measured Gaming club – seriously these guys have an enthusiastic Twitter presence.  Here is a pic of the guys from their trip to Cancon (currently the second biggest Age of Sigmar event in the world in 2018).


Badgacon Pack and Details

The event details can be found on Facebook and the pack is here.

The lists (here) were reviewed over on the Doom and Darkness YouTube channel.

Badgacon Results

Sam Morgan, wisened square base expert, now round base convert and Khainite devotee took first place with Daughters of Khaine.



Badgacon Armies

Badgacon Tables

Triumph GT

Hosted in New Jersey, with Martin Orlando as TO for the Age of Sigmar event, this was another medium sized US event.  The event was streamed over the weekend on Twitch here.

Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced the lists and results Martin sent me, but I do have a collection of pictures from the event for you to enjoy 🙂  I’ll update the post with the lists and results when I relocate them.



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