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Army Showcase: The Meatmen of Mitzmanheim

So today’s showcase is with a community favourite, Mark Mitzman, NEO (*Narrative Event Organiser) and co-host of the Mitzy and Jimbo Show, a great new Warhammer Age of Sigmar lifestyle show on YouTube.  Check out his show, give him a follow on Twitter and see all the great coverage leading up to Realms at War 2018 🙂

Mitzy has kindly set out his army narrative below and shared a number of really great pictures of his Destruction army.  Straight off the bat is Grazgrog and his mate Nucklez 😉

The Meatmen of Mitzmanheim: the lore

The name “The Meatmen of Mitzmanheim” is a name that harks back through centuries. It is a name passed down from one generation to the next. It is a name that is feared by all who speak of it, and for good reason. For the Meatmen of Mitzmanheim are a purely destructive force descended from an ancient ogre tribe.

The legend tells the tale of an Ogre Tyrant the mighty Marg Magrog and his wife Mo who ran the Colossal Collie Inn. The Inn was deep in the heart of Mitzmanheim and was world renowned for its fabulous meat pies. Mo Magrog was a fantastic cook and her meat pies (known as “Big Dogs”) were celebrated the world over.

The people of Mitzmanheim had a special bond with both the Ogres having formed an unusual alliance with Marg Magrog. Unlike other Ogre chieftains Marg had found an unusual way to build his wealth. He was waging war throughout the old world and clearing the battlefields of the corpses, these were transported back to Mitzmanheim where Mo Magrog butchered them and turned the meat into pies.

The pies were being sold far and wide and such were the quality of the goods that they fetched a hefty price. Little did the rich aristocracy of the mighty empire know that their table centrepieces were in fact full to the brim with the meat from their own kin!

Today the Meatmen of Mitzmanheim is made up of many units from across the Destructive factions. Lead by the toughest Orruk in the realm of Ghur, Margrog Meatzniffa.

Margrog has roamed the realm of Ghur for decades, in search of a of a fabled artefact. He longs to appease Gorkamorka and present his deity with a Big Dog pie, for in his mind the only way other than through war that his name will be passed down through generations is if he can find the long lost recipes of Mo Magrog!

Margrog insists that all units in his army fly the original Meatmen of Mitzmanheim flag, and the flamboyant colours of Marg and Mo Magrog (a vivid Turquoise and golden Yellow) can be seen for miles around as the Meatmen march to war. As they march the ground quakes, horns and drums sound and the cry “For Da Big Dog” is enough to drain the blood from the faces of all who are near!

Margrog Meatzniffa

Margrog, a grizzled warrior and leader of the Meatmen of Mitzmanheim has lived and breathed war for decades. He has slashed and ripped his way to the top of the pile and is rightly feared by all Meatmen. He searches tirelessly for the fabled “Big Dog” list and will continue to ravage all who stand in his way. His path has crossed that of many factions but none have tested his resolve more than the The Huntspinney of Sequoyya in particular the Crimsonwood Kurnoth Hunters who recently left him scarred as they showered the Meatmen with their arrows, they will pay in droves the next time that they meet!

Mark Mitzman

Hedrippaz Andyboyz

Hedrippa has lived among the Meatmen almost as long as Margrog. He has risen through the Brute ranks and through countless engagements has proven his worth. Kunning in nature he is adept at using speed of his kin to wreak havoc on any enemy foolish enough to be caught out by his speed. Hedrippa is Big Boss of the Meatmen Ironfist formation. He also tears heads from shoulders with his bare hands. The Andyboys fly Marg and Mo’s personal banner handed down over centuries.

Mark Mitzman

Tinka n da Troggiez

Tinka n da Troggiez come from a realm now lost, Tinka lived in the sewers of Mitzmanheim, coming out at night to prey on any citizen foolish to stagger home alone at night. One evening Marg was escorting the last of the punters out of the Colossal Collie Inn and caught sight of Tinka in the alley. Marg persuaded Tinka to seek out and find other Troggiez who would like to march with him in return for free meat. Tinka raised an army of Troggoths that became a reliable and devastating part of the Meatmen army. Marg and Mo presented Tinka with the flag that hung on the Inn as recognition of his skills. Tinka lives on to this day through the power of regeneration, and is the only living Meatman to meet the tribes great iconic leaders Marg and Mo. Margrog knows the history behind Tinka n da Troggies and Tinka is the only living soul that truly scares him…

Mark Mitzman

Sneaky Stikaz

Every Orruk tribe has its grots, they run amok fetchin and carryin fings for the big uns. The grots that run with the Meatmen are amongst the toughest and grizzled grots in the mortal realms. The Sneaky Stikaz are made up of Snotlings, Spiderfang Grots, Nasty Skulkers, common all garden Grots and are lead into battle by Tiny. Tiny is a snotling. Snotlings are not normally known for being the sharpest knife in the block, but Tiny is very much the boss. He has been lurking around the Meatmen for years and has a filthy reputation for getting what he wants, namely gold teeth. Tiny collects them and has been pulling them from heads since he was a fungus spore, he has a hammer, and it’s very good for taking teeth and breaking knees.Mark Mitzman

Grazgrug’s Gruntaz

Grazgrug cut his teeth brawling his way to the top of the brute pile, he has been on Margrogs’ right hand throughout his reign at the head of the Meatmen. Grazgrug was the first of the Meatmen to track, capture and tame a Gore Grunta. He spent months perfecting his riding skills and even longer teaching the craziest and most savage brutes to ride. The Gruntaz now form the fast attack, speed strike element of the Meatmen.

Mark Mitzman

Piggot’s Pigmen

Piggot yearns to be a Brute, moreso he longs to be riding a hulking Gore Grunta. He leads the Pigmen into battle time and time again trying to prove his worth. Piggot and his riders are fleet of foot and are often sent out to scout ahead and report back to Margrog on the advancing enemy.

Mark Mitzman


Big Geoff Gutwrench – Giant

Rokko – Idol of GorkaMorka

The Clankerz – led by Gruzgler One Eye

Mark Mitzman


Mark Mitzman

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