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AoS 2 Early Event Round-Up

Hey all, with Age of Sigmar Second Edition now out for a few weeks, we have had a number of events testing out the new rule-set.  To the extent that I have been able to get them, I have a wrap-up of the events, AoS2 lists, and results.  This post covers Summer Massacre (UK), Summer Carnage (US), the ATC Singles event (US), a German event hosted by the Würfelgötter club, and the Games Cube (Aus).

You can also check out the coverage of Warhost 2018 and the AoS 6 Nations for more Age of Sigmar second edition event coverage.  For more event details, check out the events page and the tournament list archive.

Summer Massacre – UK

First up is Summer Massacre.  Hosted by the Newcastle Warlords and run by James Chalmers of the Tales of Sigmar podcast/YouTube.  The Warlords have a really great set of club nights going and seem to be growing from strength to strength.  They are definitely worth checking out if you are in the area – you can find them on Facebook.

Summer Massacre event pack and lists

Summer Massacre Pack

Summer Massacre AoS2 Lists

Summer Massacre Results

The podium places went to:

  • 1st place – Richard Hudspith – @13on2D6 – Seraphon
  • 2nd place – Martin Swaffield – @martinswaffield – Nighthaunt
  • 3rd place – Lee Hamilton – @leehamilton86 – Fyreslayers
  • MOST SPORTING – Kyle Brunskill
  • The Reserved (Least Kill Points) – Ian Crew
  • Last Place (Winning is for Losers) – Scott Wall
  • BEST IN FACTION (Kill Points)
    • Chaos – Philip Gibbons
    • Order – Richard Hudspith
    • Death – Tom Healey (@ladvoncarstein)
    • Destruction – Andy Thompson

The full results were:

Armies on display at the event

There were also painting prizes:

  • 1st – Mike Plissken (Maggotkin of Nurgle)
  • 2nd – Samuel Robert Goodwin (Legions of Nagash)
  • 3rd – Tom Healey (Legions of Blood) (@ladvoncarstein)

Germany event hosted by Würfelgötter (the Dice Gods)

The Würfelgötter club have recently hosted the biggest Age of Sigmar tournament in Germany.  This last weekend they had 20 players testing out Age of Sigmar Second Edition.   You can find the pack and lists here.

The event was won by Stormcast, with Nurgle Blight Cyst second and Gnarlroot third.

For more on the European Age of Sigmar scene, check out the T3 Tournaments site and this forum.

Age of Sigmar Europe

Summer Carnage – US

Regular readers of the site will know that Scott Reed (@thelnorn1) runs a number of Age of Sigmar events in the West of the US.  Recently he ran Summer Carnage at @AtEaseGames in San Diego.

Scott always does great Age of Sigmar event packs, so it is worth checking his out here: Summer Carnage pack.  The event used Realm of Battle Rules and allowed players to pick one realm spell from the realm for use in their army.

Congrats to the following podium winners:

  • Jarrett Zazuetta – Seraphon
  • James Thomas – Tzeentch
  • Mathew Jones – Grand Host of Nagash

American Team Championships (ATC) Singles Event

The ATC has traditionally been a large 40k team event.  This year it added an Age of Sigmar event at (fairly) short notice.  I understand 12 players turned up and the podium places were:

  • William Soehaili – Tzeentch
  • Robert Baer – Beastclaw Raiders
  • Terry Throop – Seraphon.

The Games Cube – Sydney, Australia

Every month runs a monthly 3 game mini-tournament in Sydney.  24 players turned up to the first event under Age of Sigmar Second Edition and it was taken out by friend of the show, Mr Anthony Magro (Legion of Night with Mannfred).

If you are in or near Sydney, check out Anthony’s Sydney GT in September.

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