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CanCon 2019: Chaos Lists!

Hey all, today concludes the series of Doom & Darkness CanCon List Review shows with a review of all the Chaos lists at CanCon 2019. Doom is joined by Hey Woah (@HeyWoah_twitch), Skaven King Dan Brewer and Queen of Nurgle Jemma Shepherd.

Call to Glory at CanCon 2019 in Canberra, Australia will be the largest Warhammer Age of Sigmar event ever held! 220 players in the height of the Australian summer, battling the fires of Aqshy, for matched play supremacy.

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Age of Sigmar

CanCon Chaos List Analysis

Here is where you can watch Doom’s show.

I’ll also return with some additional breakdowns and comments.

CanCon Chaos Lists: Full File

Here are all the Chaos lists going to CanCon 2019.

CanCon 2019 List Reviews

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