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Club Profile: Ludic Incoming – Rome

Hey everyone, a new week and a new club profile highlighting an Age of Sigmar Gaming Club from around the world.  Today we have Ludic Incoming – Rome.  The aim is to introduce the gaming clubs, explain their history, anecdotes, iconography and current and former players.  You’ll find details of how to contact the club and follow along with their successes on social media.  Today’s post was kindly written by Francesco of Ludic Incoming – Rome.

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Age of Sigmar

The “Ludic Incoming” gaming club was born in Rome between 2008 and 2009, created by a group of friends looking for a place to meet up and play games once a week. At first the meeting place was the basement of a notorious gaming shop, but after a little while the group began expanding so there was a need to find a bigger space, and the designed location changed three times after settling where we still meet today.

Where to find Ludic Incoming – Rome

The expansion happened thanks to the decision to reach out to as many Roman miniature players and fans as possible, giving them a common place to meet, get to know each other and play together. We had the chance to stumble upon a chess club that was entrusted with the basement facilities of a pretty big high school in the Centocelle area of Rome, and we managed to get to use those premises as well.

Ludic Incoming

The facility is now pretty big and well organized, with a large gaming room, able to fit up to a dozen gaming tables, with a couple of secondary rooms, along with two storage rooms where we keep our tables, terrain pieces and more.

We meet there every Tuesday and Friday from 9 PM to late night. Currently we have many active gaming groups: Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds, Necromunda and the new Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, as well a few other non-GW games and board games.


Regarding the AoS section, we grew a lot over the course of the past year. Before we were only a few people, now I can proudly say there are around 15 active players meeting at our club and we expect more from September and onwards. Some of us are interested in the tournament scene and some are not, but most of the time you will find a couple of us at every AoS tournament in Rome.

Upcoming Age of Sigmar event – Conquest Italia

As a matter of fact, we will be housing the next edition of the “Conquest” tournament October 27th-28th, a Games Workshop supported event happening every 6 months in Rome, and we are very proud to be the hosts this time since it will feature for the first time an AoS tournament, along with 40k and Shadespire (more info at the bottom of the article).  Check out the Conquest Italia site for the info on the AoS tournament we will be hosting in October (and the Facebook event).

Ludic Incoming – Milan

From a couple of years we have a Ludic Incoming section also in Milan, started by a veteran member of the club who moved to Milan for work, and who now manages our second home. In any event you will recognize us by our classic t-shirts and hoodies featuring the Ludic Incoming bomb logo and colors: green and yellow for Rome members and green and orange for Milan members.

Ludic Incoming

Growing the Age of Sigmar scene in Rome and Italy

Our most important goals are expanding the AoS pool in Rome, Milan and in Italy in general, promoting ourselves during Italy’s most important gaming conventions, and giving people a chance to spend some quality time together, playing and having fun while meeting new players and possibly new friends.

In this past year we hosted an AoS Skirmish tournament and a Path To Glory campaign, and we are also looking forward to organizing more AoS events: there is a new escalation campaign that started in September, where everyone begins with a small 250 points warband and expands it up to 2000 points.

In general we are happy to welcome new or experienced players, and you will always find someone glad to show you how to play from scratch, as well as more experienced opponents for full scale games. There is a wide variety of armies played by our players: Stormcast, Sylvaneth, Idoneth, DoK, Nighthaunt, Skaven, Khorne Bloodbound, Fyreslayers, Legions of Nagash, Kharadron Overlords, Legions of Azgorh, Bonesplitterz and even more.

Ludic Incoming

Where and when to find Ludic Incoming – Rome

On a practical side, our meeting days are Tuesdays and Fridays, from 9.30 PM to 12 PM-1 AM (we are super flexible with hours), and you can find us here: Via Giorgio Perlasca @ ITIS Giovanni Giorgi, 00155 Rome, Italy.


You can follow us on Facebook. We have a WhatsApp AoS group where you are welcome to join us and where all important communications are transmitted.

The first time you will come will be free of charge, after that we have a gaming fee of 2€, strictly used for self-funding any sort of event and expense the club needs, and to refill our fridges with fresh beverages available to anyone. All you need to do is contact us so we can introduce you to the club premises and members. Just bring your models and dice, and we will supply the rest: a table, terrain and even an opponent!

Thanks to all the staff of AoS Shorts for this opportunity and shoot us a message on our Facebook page if you want more info.



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