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Midwest Meltdown 2018 Recap

So, slightly delayed thanks to the new FAQ dropping, but here is my recap of the Midwest Meltdown 2018.  While not there personally, all the coverage over Twitter and Facebook made it look like an absolute blast!  Domus as always did a stellar job catering for new and veteran players a like.  The US Midwest has a really strong scene at the moment with Detroit and Milwaukee leading the charge.   In this post, I cover the results, top lists and have lots of pictures from the event.

For more reading, check out the Midwest Meltdown preview post, all my other event coverage, the Age of Sigmar Second Edition events packs page, the event calendar and the Age of Sigmar list archive.

Midwest Meltdown 2018

As previously mentioned, the Meltdown Meltdown 2018 was 5 games of 2,000 points matched play using Age of Sigmar Second Edition, the General’s Handbook 2018 and Malign Sorcery.  Realm artefacts and Firestorm allegiances were in play.  5 battleplans were randomly selected, some realm of battle rules and secondary objectives were also in play.

Game 1
Gift of the Heavens
Shyish – Life Leeching
Secondary Obj = #52 – Blood on the Ground

Game 2
Better Part of Valour
Chamon – Rust Plague
Secondary Obj = #42 – Control 4 Obj (pg 319)

Game 3
Relocation Orb
Ghur – Reckless Agression
Secondary Obj = #66 – Slay the Enemy General

Game 4
Places of Arcane Power
Hysh – Speed of Light
Secondary Obj = #41 – Dominate – control at least 2 more obj than your opponent.

Game 5
Total Commitment
Ghyran – Seeds of Hope
Secondary Obj = #46 – Retake – Control an Obj that was held by your opp at the start of the turn.

Midwest Meltdown 2018 Results

There were a lot of awards at stake at Meltdown, along with a significant number of substantial spot prizes awarded throughout the event (think an Eidolon etc).  But there could only be one winner, Mr Brad Schwandt (@Rhellion) himself rocking the big bad boy, Nagash.  As you may know, Rhellion is a top matched play gamer in the US and a member of the US playtest team.   You can check out my Masterclass interview with Rhellion for tips on improving your matched play performance.

The full awards for Midwest Meltdown 2018 were:

  • Best Overall – Brad Schwandt (@Rhellion)
  • Best Order – Kyle Western
  • Best Destruction – Isaiah Ramczyk (@felvatar)
  • Best Death – Brendan Melnick (@Hobby_Bear)
  • Best Chaos – Jeremy Tucker (@BMT_Painting)
  • Coolest Army – Aaron Schmidt (@horrorshowminis)
  • Best Painted – Andrea Schwandt (@LuckySixes)
  • Best Terrain Piece – Nick McKenna
  • Best Sports – Brice and accompanying puppy (@MooseGeek_)

You can find the full results on Warscore or in a Google Sheet.

 The Coolest Army

Best Painted


Top Midwest Meltdown Lists

The top five players at Midwest Meltdown 2018 were:

  1. Brad Schwandt (Grand Host of Nagash)
  2. Brendan Melnick (Grand Host of Nagash)
  3. Kyle Western (Sylvaneth)
  4. Jake L’Ecuyer (Grand Host of Nagash)
  5. Jeremy Tucker (Maggotkin)

As you’ll see, it really was Nagash’s event (although Sylvaneth and Ironjawz were playing off on table 2 in the final round).

As well as the top 5 lists, you can find all the lists from the event here.


Midwest Meltdown 2018 Stories

One of the best parts of attending Age of Sigmar tournaments is the number of stories that emerge from the build-up or on the table top.  I’ve collected a few here, but let me know of any other heroic deeds, grudges or acts of misfortune which need to be recorded for the annals of history.

  • #Drakegate and the foundation of Team New Zealand’s Midwest Chapter
  • Rhellion’s  Hand of Dust tally
    • King on Terrogheist
    • Frostlord on Stonehorn
    • Great Unclean One
    • Nagash
    • Nagash
  • Rhellion dusting Nagash off the board turn 1 final game
  • Rhellion won every roll for deployment and played 4 lists with the same drops (7)
  • Sword of Judgment Megaboss gets 21 Mortal Wounds on a Stardrake
  • Michael Kopack’s Purple Sun killed more than its points cost in 4 out of 5 games, with a full kill tally (excluding battleshock) of:
    • 2 fulminators
    • 1 gryph houn
    • 2 spirit hosts
    • 1 Lord executioner
    • 3 grave guard
    • 1 hexwrait
    • 1 blood thirster
    • 1 slaughter priest
    • 7 Marauders
    • 1 Vampire lord
    • Friendly fire: 7 skeletons

Midwest Meltdown 2018 Pictures

Now there was a tonne of social media coverage of the Midwest Meltdown this year, so the below are just a potted summary of pictures from the across the weekend.  My apologies for any inadvertent omissions etc.


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