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ETC 2019: Team England

The second team for the Age of Sigmar European Team Championships 2019 has been announced today – congratulations to Team England. In today’s post, I’ll briefly cover what the ETC is, the Team England selection process and profile the team members.  I’ll be covering all the ETC news, with each team selection, and covering the event as it happens.

For those, who don’t want to read the whole piece, Team England 2019 is:

You can also check out the Team USA announcement here.

What are the European Team Championships?

The European Team Championships is the World Cup of Warhammer with national teams from around the world competing in Warhammer Fantasy (before AoS) and Warhammer 40k, as well as The Ninth Age and Flames of War.  Age of Sigmar was run as a side-event in 2018 and is now growing to fully-fledged game system this year with 19 teams registered so far.

ETC 2019

Where and when is ETC 2019?

The ETC is held August 9-11 2019 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

ETC 2019

What is the format?

Teams of 6 players face off in a series of individual games each round, with a combined score determining the results of each round.  The event will be over 6 rounds to decide the overall winner.

The rules pack is currently being discussed, negotiated and voted on between the captains, coaches and representatives of the various teams.  The desire is to play the event as “out-of-the-box” as possible.

How was Team England selected?

Team England 2019 was decided by a selection committee of Tom Mawdsley, Chris Tomlin, Nigel Chorlton, Ady McWalter, and Paul Buckler.  All experienced tournament players and long-standing members of the English Warhammer scene.

Public applications were open from October 2018 for thirty days.

Rankings and tournament results were not the only criteria for selection.  But conduct, army flexibility, and play-style all featured in the selection process.  

Team England 2019

So, as announced at the beginning, Team England 2019 is:

  • Jack Armstrong
  • Russ Veal
  • Tony Moore
  • Les Martin
  • Darren Watson
  • Byron Orde
  • Tom Mawdsley (Non-playing Captain / Coach / Manager)

Now for a quick word from Tom Mawdsley as Captain:

We had the opportunity to select a team that not only fit my mandate of being (in my opinion) the team that will absolutely go out and win the ETC, but also each player on the team has experience in International team events, I believe this experience is invaluable at an event such as the ETC. The team are all extremely flexible players, gentlemen on the table and will be amazing ambassadors for the country. There’s some real pedigree on the team, and i’m sure you’ll get behind the team throughout the year as we attend events and practice with armies that we might take to the ETC!

Tom Mawdsley

Tom Mawdsley, Team England 2019 Non-playing Captain, Coach and Selector.  Tom has four ETC caps as selector, coach and player before under 7th and 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy.  Tom has been rocking the Daughters of Khaine for the last six months, with notable recent results being:

  • 1st at Element Games Grand Slam (52 players) with Daughters
  • 6th at Blood and Glory (166 players) with Daughters
  • 9th at Blood Tithe (76 players) with Kharadron Overlords

You can check out Tom’s thoughts on Daughters of Khaine on Warhammer TV here.

Jack Armstrong

A man who needs no introduction to the English tournament scene, Mr 400 himself, Jack Armstrong.  Jack is a long-standing member of Warhammer ETC teams past with several attendances during Warhammer Fantasy battle days.

Jack finished the 2018 season first in the UK rankings with a highly respectable 395.45 (out of 400).  His recent highlights include:

  • 1st at BOBO (86 players) with Stormcast Eternals
  • 1st at SCGT (100 players) with Order
  • 1st at Blood Tithe (76 players) with Stormcast Eternals
  • 4th at the London GT (66 players) with Seraphon
  • 1st at Facehammer GT (91 players) with Stormcast Eternals

If you are interested in Jack’s thoughts on team tournaments and list-building, you can check out his show with me here.

Russ Veal

Another man who needs little introduction, Russ “the Face” Veal has been to numerous ETCs, won the UK masters and is a member of the Facehammer podcast.  

With a lighter tournament year in 2018 than years past, Russ finished 14th in the rankings with Best in Race honours for Legion of Sacrament and Nighthaunt.  Russ notably won the Blood and Glory Championships with 166 players.

Tony Moore

Tony Moore, Master of Death and the Orange Hoodie, proud member of the Marauders, previous ETC team member, and avid tournament attendee. Tony finished the 2018 season 8th on the UK rankings with notable results being:

  • 1st at GW Heat 3 (88 players) with Disciples of Tzeentch
  • 9th at BOBO (86 players) with Daughters of Khaine
  • 4th at Element Games Grand Slam (52 players) with Grand Host of Nagash
  • 4th at Blood and Glory (166 players) with Grand Host of Nagash

Tony gave a Masterclass show for Tzeentch and list-building under AoS 1 here if you are interested.  He has also been a regular on Warhammer TV (his most recent show is here).

Les Martin

Les Martin, proud creator of the Les Martin™ Stormcast build, podcaster, prize-winning painter and bespectacled player of Order.  Les has mainly been running Idoneth Deepkin this year, but will we see a return to Stormcast Eternals or Sylvaneth for the event? (only time will tell).  

Picture supplied…

Les is making his ETC debut, after being in the England 6 Nations team for the last 2 years, performing extremely well in the role he was given both years.

Darren Watson

Darren Watson, UK AoS tournament dancing champion, ferocious list-writer, owner of the world’s best postal-themed army, and all-round nice guy.  The second ETC debutant in Team England. Darren had a great 2018 season, finishing 6th in the rankings running mainly Chaos (Blades of Khorne, Nurgle, Maggotkin of Nurgle etc).  Darren’s notable results were:

  • 1st at the London GT (66 players) with Maggotkin
  • 2nd at Blood Tithe (76 players) with Seraphon
  • 3rd at SCGT (100 players) with Maggotkin
  • 7th at BOBO (86 players) with Nurgle.

If you are interested in more from Darren, you can check out his AoS 1 Archaon Masterclass he wrote for the site.  Over 4,000 words of list-tech goodness.

Byron Orde

Finally, by no means least, we have the third ETC debutant, Byron Orde(r).  Byron is the face of Element Games, a pro-painter, lover of grey, and has shocked the world with fantastic results from seemingly a bundle of Order models just picked off a shelf.  Byron took 1st at the Games Workshop GT final in 2017 and has only built from there with consistent GT performances. Notable results for the 2018 season include:

  • 1st at GW Heat 1 (86 players) with Order
  • 4th at Blackout (94 players) with Order
  • 7th at EGGS (52 players) with Order

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