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Ulster Warlords 2019 – Teams Event Preview

The Ulster Warlords 2019 international team event is this weekend! Hosted by Bastion Games in Newtonabbey, Northern Ireland, and live-streamed by the Honest Wargamer, 14 teams from across the UK and Ireland will be fighting it out for Warhammer Age of Sigmar supremacy. In this post, you’ll find all the details of the pack, the lists, draw and where to catch all the coverage live this weekend.

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Age of Sigmar

Ulster Warlords 2019 Pack

I’ll now run through the details of the Ulster Warlords 2019 pack, which has largely been adapted from the successful event pack for the Blood Tithe International Team Tournament. Check out the Warlords pack, FAQ, and score sheet.

The event is 5 rounds, 2000 points using the General’s Handbook 2018 and all GW FAQs and Errata. Realmscape features, realm spells and realm command abilities are not in play. However, you can select realm artefacts.

Age of Sigmar team list restrictions

Army selections worked as follows:

  • use warscrolls with pitched battle profiles from GHB18, on the GW or Forgeworld websites, in a battletome or the Warhammer Age of Sigmar app
  • duplicate allegiances are allowed in a team
  • warscrolls, endless spells and artefacts may not be duplicated between team members (unless those warscrolls are battleline)
  • Firestorm allegiances and Malign Portents characters are allowed

The Pairing System

Like all team tournaments, a pairings system will be used for the teams to determine individual match-ups within each round.   The aim for each team is to engineer the most favourable match-ups for their team on average (which can often mean some poor team member has to take one for the team in a very hard game).  This is how the pairings system will work:

  • One captain will randomly roll to determine which one of the 18 scenarios will be played on Tables 1 and 2.
  • The other captain will then randomly roll to determine which of the remaining scenarios will be played on tables 3 and 4.
  • Each team will have four cards marked on the reverse with one of with their four armies. For example:
    • Team A – Chaos, Blades of Khorne, Stormcast, Destruction
    • Team B – Death, Order, Fyreslayers, Sylvaneth
  • Team A chooses to put forward Chaos (presented face down)
  • Team B chooses to put forward Order (presented face down)
  • Selections are revealed
  • Each captain then picks two armies from their hand to potentially play the army put forward by the opposing team.
  • Team A chooses to put down Blades of Khorne and Stormcast as options to play against  the Order (presented face down)
  • Team B chooses to put down Death and Sylvaneth as options to play against Chaos (presented face down)
  • Choices revealed 
  • Team A chooses between Death and Sylvaneth as to who Chaos will face, let͛’s say Death.
  • Team B chooses between Blades of Khorne and Stormcast as to who Order will face; let͛’s say Blades of Khorne.
  • Choices are revealed
  • The choice Team A refused faces the remaining card in Team B’s hand – Destruction
  • The choice Team B refused faces the remaining army in Team A’s hand – Fyreslayers
  • Resulting in:
    • Chaos v Death
    • Order v Blades of Khorne
    • Sylvaneth v Destruction
    • Fyreslayers v Stormcast

Secret Missions

As well as the 18 General’s Handbook scenarios, the event also had secondary objectives in play.   Before each game, but after individual pairings, these cards must be divided up within the team before each game with each player receiving a maximum of two and minimum of zero cards.  As is clear from the name, players would keep these missions secret until they were achieved, at which point, they were revealed to their opponents.

  • Slay the Warlords: Kill the enemy general and/or any 2 leaders by the end of battle-round 2.
  • Line Breaker: Finish the game with 2 or more units in enemy territory.
  • Slaughter Them: Destroy any three enemy Battleline units.
  • Against the Odds: Destroy an enemy behemoth with a Battleline unit in the combat phase.

Each secondary objective is worth five tournament points.

Team scoring system

The following scoring system was in play.

  • Major Win: 30
  • Minor Win: 20
  • Draw: 15
  • Minor Loss: 10
  • Major Loss: 5
  • Secret Mission 5 (per mission)

Individual player points were capped at 30 points per round.  Therefore, achieving a major win and your secondary objective is worth 30 points instead of 35 points.

Total team points per round will be capped at 100/50.

  • Tie Breaker 1 – Uncapped TP total.
  • Tie Breaker 2 – Most Secret Missions TPs.
  • Tie Breaker 3 – Overall Margin of Victory Score.

Margin of Victory is worked out as follows and recorded by Team Captains on the results sheet as shown above.

  • Margin of Victory = Number of points you destroyed – the number of points your opponent destroyed (recorded as a + or – on the results sheet)

Points are scored for Units Destroyed, Units that have been placed in reserve and not deployed by the end of the 5th battle-round (or the last completed battle-round). Points are not scored for unused list points, summoned points or endless spells.

For more information, you can find a full copy of the pack here

Ulster Warlords 2019 Team Lists

You can find all the Ulster Warlords 2019 lists here.

Ulster Warlords 2019 First Round Draw

So the first round draw is:

Tables Team v Team
1-4 Peaky Unbinders V Plastic Craic (Nellis)
5-8 Villain Phase V Team Ringer
9-12 Despicable Minions V Hero Phase
13-16 Bangor Bad Boiz V Team Wales
17-20 Last Chancers V Three & ½ Rats
21-24 Team Angel V Shia LeBeouf
25-28 Essex Rollin Machines V Balls Deep Brucies

Ulster Warlords 2019 Coverage

You can find all the coverage from the weekend over at the Honest Wargamer (on Twitch, and YouTube) as well as at Bastion Games (on Twitter, and Facebook).

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