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Angelcore 2018 – Tournament report

Hey everyone, its been a while.  I’m back with coverage of the Angelcore tournament run in London, UK, over the weekend.  22 players in a highly competitive tournament for both matched play and for painting, with 5 players from the UK top 20. The event was streamed throughout the weekend and the games have been hosted on YouTube – so check them out!

Congrats to Kieron (@Drats_hammer), Adam (@HadrielCaine), Matthew (@Skyel14) and everyone else involved in a great weekend.  Check out the host and sponsor – Magic Madhouse LDN.

For more reading, check out all my other event coverage, the Age of Sigmar Second Edition events packs page, the event calendar and the Age of Sigmar list archive.  I took a break for about 6 weeks but am now playing catch-up on event coverage, so expect a deluge over the coming weeks.

Angelcore 2018

Angelcore 2018 was a 5 game, 2,000 point matched play tournament using Age of Sigmar Second Edition, the General’s Handbook 2018 and Malign Sorcery.  Firestorm allegiances and realm rules were in play, as well as one pre-determined realm spell.

  • Round 1 – Focal Points –  Ghyran
  • Round 2 – Better Part of Valour – Shyish
  • Round 3 – Total Commitment – Aqshy
  • Round 4 – Places of Arcane Power – Chamon
  • Round 5 – Total Conquest – Hysh

Read the full pack.  The guys did a great job of covering all the practical things like hotels, transport, finding the venue etc.

Realm rules

The organisers picked the realmscape and realmsphere magic for each of the rounds (see the table below).  They also limited Shyish armies to just using the Soul-Force Sacrifice command ability, when playing a game in Shyish, rather than Honour the Dead.  Realm command abilities could not be used more than once per turn.

Angelcore realms

Secondary missions

Angelcore also ran secondary missions as a way of achieving differentiation in player scores.  With 30 points available for a major win, and 20 points available in secondary objectives each game, you definitely needed to keep an eye on picking up the secondary points.


Round draws

You can find the draws here:

Angelcore 2018 Video Coverage

The guys did a great job of streaming the top games through the weekend on Twitch (Magic Madhouse on Twitch).  The commentary, sound and camera work were great for their first time streaming an Age of Sigmar event.

Round 1 walk around

Round 1

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on www.twitch.tvRound 2

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Round 3

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Round 4

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Round 5

Watch AngelCore Age of Sigmar all weekend! from magicmadhouselondon on

Angelcore 2018 Results

So all the results are in:

  • First – Ben Savva (Daughters of Khaine)
  • Second – Laurie Hugget-Wilde (Sylvaneth)
  • Third – James Warth (Sylvaneth)
  • Fourth – Ben Murphy (Grand Host of Nagash)
  • Fifth – Jack Armstrong (Hammerhal)


  • Best Death – Steve Curtis (Grand Host of Nagash)
  • Best Destruction – Tom Loyn (Grand Alliance Destruction)
  • Best Chaos – Marc Wilson (Grand Alliance Chaos)
  • Best Order – Ben Savva (Daughters of Khaine)


  • Best Painted – Adam Cunis
  • Coolest Army – John Greene


  • Best Sports – James Warth
  • Spirit of Angelcore – Adam Cunis





Top Angelcore 2018 Lists

The top five players at Angelcore 2018 were:

  1. Ben Savva (Daughters of Khaine)
  2. Laurie Hugget-Wilde (Sylvaneth)
  3. James Warth (Sylvaneth)
  4. Ben Murphy (Grand Host of Nagash)
  5. Jack Armstrong (Hammerhal)

In terms of stats, the usual suspects were popular (although 4 palisades was a surprise).

Endless Spells

  • Cogs – 5
  • Palisade – 4
  • Geminids – 4
  • Shackles – 3
  • Portal – 3
  • Balewind – 2
  • Swords – 1


  • Shyish – 10
  • Ghyran – 3
  • Hysh – 3
  • Ulgu – 3
  • Aqshy – 2
  • Ghur – 1

Grand Alliances

  • Order – 10
  • Death – 7
  • Chaos – 3
  • Destruction – 2

You can find all the lists here.

Angelcore 2018 pictures

Now there was a tonne of social media coverage of the Angelcore 2018, so the below are just a potted summary of pictures from the across the weekend.  My apologies for any inadvertent omissions etc.






BLACKOUT 2018 Report

So this past weekend was the excellent BLACKOUT 2018 Age of Sigmar matched play event held in Cardiff, Wales.  BLACKOUT 2018 was the first large independent UK event to use the realmscape rules for Age of Sigmar Second Edition.   You’ll find the pack, results, top lists and pictures below.

For more event coverage, check out my event coverage page, the Age of Sigmar second edition event packs page, the events calendar and the tournament list archive.

Finally, before we get to the event, the site is partnered with Dark Fantastic Mills, producers and purveyors of amazing 3D printed terrain and you can use the code “aos shorts” to get 10% off.  The terrain is super light so shipping worldwide is surprisingly cheap.  DFM not only does amazing terrain, but also custom objective markers and trophies.

Age of Sigmar


BLACKOUT is run every year by the great Chris Tomlin, formerly of the Black Sun podcast.  This year it was held in sunny, sunny Cardiff at Firestorm Games.  Firestorm is a great location for events, being a large games store with massive dedicated area for gaming, including streaming the top table, while Cardiff always seems to be carnage on a night out if you like that sort of thing.

BLACKOUT 2018 Event Pack

The event was played at 2,000 points, over five rounds, with battleplans announced at the start of each round and randomly selected from the 18 Matched Play battleplans.  The battleplans and realms used were:

  • Round 1 – Shifting Objectives – Aqshy
  • Round 2 – Places of Arcane Power – Ulgu
  • Round 3 – Scorched Earth – Chamon
  • Round 4 – Total Commitment – Ghyran
  • Round 5 – Border War – Shyish

Realmscape features, realm commands and realm spells from the Core Book and Malign Sorcery were also in play (although Chris pre-selected the realmscape features for each round):

  • Shyish – Feature: Eternal War – “Add 1 to the Bravery characteristic of all units
  • Aqshy – Feature: Burning Skies – “In the movement phase, if an enemy unit can fly and moves more than 6″, roll a dice.  On a 4+ the enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound.  On a 6+ it suffers D3 mortal wounds instead.
  • Chamon – Feature: Rust Plague – “At the start of your hero phase, roll a dice.  On a 6+, pick an enemy unit that is in cover.  Subtract 1 from save rolls made for that unit for the rest of the battle.
  • Ghyran – Feature: Lifesprings – “Before the battle begins, each player picks a HERO from their army.  Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of the heroes that are picked.
  • Ulgu – Feature: Shrouded Lands – “This realmscape feature has no effect on the battle

The first tiebreaker for gameplay results was Best Sports votes, with kill points only being used as a second tiebreaker.  Kill points of summoned units counted for the tiebreaker (but not for the results of individual games).

Like all of Chris’ events, the event also has a high expectation that players will bring fully painted and cohesive armies (with large penalties if you don’t).  You can check out the full pack here.

BLACKOUT 2018 Results and Awards

The BLACKOUT 2018 results were:

You can find the full results here or check out the placings and allegiances below.

BLACKOUT 2018 – Best Painted

The standard of painting is always high at Chris’ events and this year was no exception.   I highly recommend checking out the ProPainted podcast for all of its coverage of the painting side of UK events.

The armies nominated for Best Painted at BLACKOUT 2018 were:

You can see more of Tim’s army in this showcase on the site.

You can see more of Danny’s army in this showcase on the site.

BLACKOUT 2018 Lists

You can read all the lists here.  Otherwise, the top three lists were:

Ady McWalter came third, but unfortunately his list was a bit hard to read in the list document.  He has kindly sent me his list:

  • Allegiance: Chaos
  • Archaon
  • Harbinger of Decay with Crown of Conquest
  • Lord of Blights with Gryph Feather Charm
  • Lord of Blights
  • 40 Marauders, Mark of Nurgle
  • 40 Marauders, Mark of Nurgle
  • 20 Marauders, Mark of Nurgle
  • 3 Putrid Blightkings
  • Plaguetouched Battalion

BLACKOUT 2018 Pictures

Bravery One British Open (BOBO 2018)

So this last weekend (28 and 29 July 2018) saw the return of the Bravery One British Open, a unique event on the UK Age of Sigmar tournament scene held in the Engine Shed in Lincoln – think wargaming tournament, concert and lads football team weekend away all wrapped into one.  I can only think of a small number of other events which have produced the same amount of enthusiasm and compliments over social media.  The organisers obviously put on a very impressive show for the largest Age of Sigmar Second Edition singles tournament so far (80+ players!).

BOBO 2018

In this post, I’ll cover the pack, the results, the top 3 lists and as much of the great atmosphere of the event as I can reasonably do from half a world away.  However, before I dive into the recap post itself, I want to acknowledge @Warhammer_AoS, @thehonestwargamer, @nathprescott@J0N_atan, @JonScrivens, @theadamhughesBravery One, @ws10gaming, Dark Fantastic Mills, Age of Hobby, (and Pwork Wargames for their involvement in and contribution to the event.

Age of Sigmar

The whole weekend was streamed by The Honest Wargamer on their Twitch channel, so you can go back and watch all the list analysis, games, interviews, clips and coverage.  The coverage received a massive amount of praise over the weekend from attendees and people around the world watching at home.

BOBO 2018

BOBO 2018 Age of Sigmar Rules

Due to the proximity of the event to the release of Age of Sigmar Second Edition and the new FAQ, the BOBO organisers had the difficult task of getting the lay of the new land quickly and deciding on the rules set which would be the most fun for players involved.  They chose GHB18 scenarios and Malign Sorcery realm artefacts (but without realm spells or realmscape effects).

Further, the organisers added a number of rules changes intended by them to reduce negative play experiences.  The most notable of these being:

  • priority for the first turn was determined by a roll-off rather than who finished deploying first.  In the event of a draw, the player who finished deploying first won
  • no stacking of any command abilities
  • armies could only summon one unit a turn
  • only one Engine of the Gods could summon a turn
  • Lord Kroak could only cast Celestial Deliverance once per turn
  • Wyldwoods did not block line of sight (which had been confirmed by the 24 July FAQ).

Check out the full pack for more details.

BOBO 2018 Prizes

The BOBO guys put on a fantastic spread of prizes, including some amazing 3D printed trophies from Dark Fantastic Mills.

BOBO 2018 Results

The full gaming results were:

BOBO 2018

The sports results were:

BOBO 2018

BOBO 2018 Top Age of Sigmar Army Lists

1st Jack Armstrong – Stormcast Eternals

BOBO 2018

2nd Dan Ford – Murderhost

3rd Pete Humpage – Order Draconis

Order Draconis
Realm Shadow
Strategic Genius

Dragonlord Host Battalion
Dragonlord (quicksilver potion)
Dragonlord (Doppleganger cloak)

5 Dragon Princes
5 Dragon Princes
5 Dragon Princes

Archmage on Dragon


For more list discussion from BOBO 2018, check out the Honest Wargamer’s list preview video.

You can also check out the round 5 draw to see the armies that were around the top tables going into the last round.

BOBO 2018

BOBO 2018 Best Painted Armies

Here are some shots of the armies nominated for Best Painted at BOBO 2018 that I’ve managed to locate from Twitter.  A big thanks to @WarchiefBaz for putting up pictures.

For more, better quality pictures of the Best Painted armies at BOBO 2018, check out the Honest Wargamer’s Facebook page gallery.


So one event unique to BOBO is the infamous Streethammer.  Players buy a start collecting set, assemble it and then compete against other players in a winner takes all battle literally.  If you defeat your opponent, you get their start collecting set.  The battles are fought on the floor, using cups and any old thing as terrain.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jack Armstrong came away victorious again by using a Beastclaw box to beat a Death set, and then using the Death set to beat Darren Watson’s Beastclaw.

The weekend may also have included:

  • “gryphracing”
  • “Through the Keyhole” – guess which of the organisers’ owns the house in the video (in true UK 90s style)
  • nerf gun firing squad for the guy with square bases
  • random prize bingo
  • spot prizes including best dressed, monster hunter, priority choker
  • a 30ft bar

More BOBO 2018 Pictures

Midwest Meltdown 2018 Recap

So, slightly delayed thanks to the new FAQ dropping, but here is my recap of the Midwest Meltdown 2018.  While not there personally, all the coverage over Twitter and Facebook made it look like an absolute blast!  Domus as always did a stellar job catering for new and veteran players a like.  The US Midwest has a really strong scene at the moment with Detroit and Milwaukee leading the charge.   In this post, I cover the results, top lists and have lots of pictures from the event.

For more reading, check out the Midwest Meltdown preview post, all my other event coverage, the Age of Sigmar Second Edition events packs page, the event calendar and the Age of Sigmar list archive.

Midwest Meltdown 2018

As previously mentioned, the Meltdown Meltdown 2018 was 5 games of 2,000 points matched play using Age of Sigmar Second Edition, the General’s Handbook 2018 and Malign Sorcery.  Realm artefacts and Firestorm allegiances were in play.  5 battleplans were randomly selected, some realm of battle rules and secondary objectives were also in play.

Game 1
Gift of the Heavens
Shyish – Life Leeching
Secondary Obj = #52 – Blood on the Ground

Game 2
Better Part of Valour
Chamon – Rust Plague
Secondary Obj = #42 – Control 4 Obj (pg 319)

Game 3
Relocation Orb
Ghur – Reckless Agression
Secondary Obj = #66 – Slay the Enemy General

Game 4
Places of Arcane Power
Hysh – Speed of Light
Secondary Obj = #41 – Dominate – control at least 2 more obj than your opponent.

Game 5
Total Commitment
Ghyran – Seeds of Hope
Secondary Obj = #46 – Retake – Control an Obj that was held by your opp at the start of the turn.

Midwest Meltdown 2018 Results

There were a lot of awards at stake at Meltdown, along with a significant number of substantial spot prizes awarded throughout the event (think an Eidolon etc).  But there could only be one winner, Mr Brad Schwandt (@Rhellion) himself rocking the big bad boy, Nagash.  As you may know, Rhellion is a top matched play gamer in the US and a member of the US playtest team.   You can check out my Masterclass interview with Rhellion for tips on improving your matched play performance.

The full awards for Midwest Meltdown 2018 were:

  • Best Overall – Brad Schwandt (@Rhellion)
  • Best Order – Kyle Western
  • Best Destruction – Isaiah Ramczyk (@felvatar)
  • Best Death – Brendan Melnick (@Hobby_Bear)
  • Best Chaos – Jeremy Tucker (@BMT_Painting)
  • Coolest Army – Aaron Schmidt (@horrorshowminis)
  • Best Painted – Andrea Schwandt (@LuckySixes)
  • Best Terrain Piece – Nick McKenna
  • Best Sports – Brice and accompanying puppy (@MooseGeek_)

You can find the full results on Warscore or in a Google Sheet.

 The Coolest Army

Best Painted


Top Midwest Meltdown Lists

The top five players at Midwest Meltdown 2018 were:

  1. Brad Schwandt (Grand Host of Nagash)
  2. Brendan Melnick (Grand Host of Nagash)
  3. Kyle Western (Sylvaneth)
  4. Jake L’Ecuyer (Grand Host of Nagash)
  5. Jeremy Tucker (Maggotkin)

As you’ll see, it really was Nagash’s event (although Sylvaneth and Ironjawz were playing off on table 2 in the final round).

As well as the top 5 lists, you can find all the lists from the event here.


Midwest Meltdown 2018 Stories

One of the best parts of attending Age of Sigmar tournaments is the number of stories that emerge from the build-up or on the table top.  I’ve collected a few here, but let me know of any other heroic deeds, grudges or acts of misfortune which need to be recorded for the annals of history.

  • #Drakegate and the foundation of Team New Zealand’s Midwest Chapter
  • Rhellion’s  Hand of Dust tally
    • King on Terrogheist
    • Frostlord on Stonehorn
    • Great Unclean One
    • Nagash
    • Nagash
  • Rhellion dusting Nagash off the board turn 1 final game
  • Rhellion won every roll for deployment and played 4 lists with the same drops (7)
  • Sword of Judgment Megaboss gets 21 Mortal Wounds on a Stardrake
  • Michael Kopack’s Purple Sun killed more than its points cost in 4 out of 5 games, with a full kill tally (excluding battleshock) of:
    • 2 fulminators
    • 1 gryph houn
    • 2 spirit hosts
    • 1 Lord executioner
    • 3 grave guard
    • 1 hexwrait
    • 1 blood thirster
    • 1 slaughter priest
    • 7 Marauders
    • 1 Vampire lord
    • Friendly fire: 7 skeletons

Midwest Meltdown 2018 Pictures

Now there was a tonne of social media coverage of the Midwest Meltdown this year, so the below are just a potted summary of pictures from the across the weekend.  My apologies for any inadvertent omissions etc.


Midwest Meltdown 2018 Preview

Hey all, this weekend is the first large Warhammer Age of Sigmar singles tournament using the Second Edition rules – the Midwest Meltdown.  Hosted by Domus in East Peoria, Illinois, almost 60 players will battle it out in a 2,000 point matched play event.  In this post, I’ll cover the pack, the army lists and some stats.

Follow along over the weekend on Twitter by keeping an eye on Domus’ Twitter account and using #midwestmeltdown.  For more Age of Sigmar Second Edition event news, check out my event coverage, AoS 2 events packs page, the Age of Sigmar event calendar and the tournament list archive.

The Midwest Meltdown 2018 Pack

So let’s talk about the tournament pack.  In this new edition, but pre-FAQ world, tournament organisers have a hard job making an accessible pack that uses the new rules, while avoiding the rare negative play experience which can sometimes arise from something which may have slipped through play-testing.  Now, its only a problem for a short window because Games Workshop now tidy up any stray points quickly, but if your event is in the interim you need to make arrangements.


The Midwest Meltdown 2018 is 5 games of 2,000 points matched play using Age of Sigmar Second Edition, the General’s Handbook 2018 and Malign Sorcery.  You can nominate that your army is from a specific realm and use the artefacts.  Firestorm allegiances are also in play.


Players will play 5 of the following 9 battleplans, with the battleplan being announced at the end of the following round.

  • Total Commitment
  • Focal Points
  • The Better Part of Valour
  • Shifting Objectives
  • Places of Arcane Power
  • The Relocation Orb
  • Duality of Death
  • Border Wars
  • Gift from the Heavens

Realms of Battle

The Realms of Battle rules will be in use with a house rule to Ghur below. The realm will be set by the tournament organiser each round for all players as well as the Realmscape Feature.  Additionally, the Spells of the Realms will be in play for that realm per Malign Sorcery.  Realms may be duplicated.  Ghur – will not be using the Monstrous Beasts rule.


For gaming, the Midwest Meltdown uses a system with secondary objectives announced on the day worth an extra 3 pts a game (i.e. the difference between a minor and a major result).

House Rules

Finally, the event has a number of house rules for clarity and to address a couple of issues that have arisen pre-FAQ.  Its worth reading the full pack to check these out.  View the full pack here.

The Midwest Meltdown Prizes

Domus has arranged some awesome trophies, along with swag from popular US Warhammer retailer, Ministomp (@ministomp).  There are awards for:

  • Best Overall
  • Best Player in Each Grand Alliance
  • Best Painted
  • Best Sportsman
  • Best Terrain Piece
  • Coolest Army

Age of Sigmar Second Edition Lists

Domus has also done a great job in the lead-up to the event teasing lots of great statistics for the event.  I’ve reproduced the stats here, otherwise you can jump straight to the lists.

Grand Alliance breakdown

  • 19 Chaos
  • 17 Order
  • 15 DEATH
  • 5 Destruction

Allegiance Breakdown

  • 1 Beastclaw
  • 1 Clan Skryre
  • 1 Flesh Eater Courts
  • 1 Kharadron Overlords
  • 1 Legion of Blood
  • 1 Moonclan
  • 1 Slaanesh
  • 2 Idoneth Deepkin
  • 2 Seraphon
  • 3 Chaos
  • 3 Daughters of Khaine
  • 3 Ironjawz
  • 3 Khorne
  • 3 Nighthaunt
  • 3 Order
  • 3 Tzeentch
  • 5 Grand Hosts of Nagash
  • 5 Legion of Sacrament
  • 6 Stormcast Eternals
  • 8 Maggotkin

Chosen Realms

  • The most popular realm is Shyish, closely followed by Hysh (surprise, surprise).


  • Lens, Ethereal Amulet and Muttergrub are the run-away most popular artefacts.


  • The most popular battalions are Blight Cyst and Lords of Sacrament


  • The most popular named characters are Nagash and Arkhan (5 each)

Midwest Meltdown

Endless Spells

  • Geminids is the most popular Endless Spell
  • The list with the most Endless Spells has 5 spells
  • 17 lists with no Endless Spells

Check out the full lists here, if you missed them along the way 😉

Photos of armies mustering

Twitter has been awash with people putting together great looking armies and display boards (always a feature of the US Age of Sigmar scene) for the event.  I’ve just grabbed a few pics below (I’ll come back and add Twitter handles etc).

AoS 2 Early Event Round-Up

Hey all, with Age of Sigmar Second Edition now out for a few weeks, we have had a number of events testing out the new rule-set.  To the extent that I have been able to get them, I have a wrap-up of the events, AoS2 lists, and results.  This post covers Summer Massacre (UK), Summer Carnage (US), the ATC Singles event (US), a German event hosted by the Würfelgötter club, and the Games Cube (Aus).

You can also check out the coverage of Warhost 2018 and the AoS 6 Nations for more Age of Sigmar second edition event coverage.  For more event details, check out the events page and the tournament list archive.

Summer Massacre – UK

First up is Summer Massacre.  Hosted by the Newcastle Warlords and run by James Chalmers of the Tales of Sigmar podcast/YouTube.  The Warlords have a really great set of club nights going and seem to be growing from strength to strength.  They are definitely worth checking out if you are in the area – you can find them on Facebook.

Summer Massacre event pack and lists

Summer Massacre Pack

Summer Massacre AoS2 Lists

Summer Massacre Results

The podium places went to:

  • 1st place – Richard Hudspith – @13on2D6 – Seraphon
  • 2nd place – Martin Swaffield – @martinswaffield – Nighthaunt
  • 3rd place – Lee Hamilton – @leehamilton86 – Fyreslayers
  • MOST SPORTING – Kyle Brunskill
  • The Reserved (Least Kill Points) – Ian Crew
  • Last Place (Winning is for Losers) – Scott Wall
  • BEST IN FACTION (Kill Points)
    • Chaos – Philip Gibbons
    • Order – Richard Hudspith
    • Death – Tom Healey (@ladvoncarstein)
    • Destruction – Andy Thompson

The full results were:

Armies on display at the event

There were also painting prizes:

  • 1st – Mike Plissken (Maggotkin of Nurgle)
  • 2nd – Samuel Robert Goodwin (Legions of Nagash)
  • 3rd – Tom Healey (Legions of Blood) (@ladvoncarstein)

Germany event hosted by Würfelgötter (the Dice Gods)

The Würfelgötter club have recently hosted the biggest Age of Sigmar tournament in Germany.  This last weekend they had 20 players testing out Age of Sigmar Second Edition.   You can find the pack and lists here.

The event was won by Stormcast, with Nurgle Blight Cyst second and Gnarlroot third.

For more on the European Age of Sigmar scene, check out the T3 Tournaments site and this forum.

Age of Sigmar Europe

Summer Carnage – US

Regular readers of the site will know that Scott Reed (@thelnorn1) runs a number of Age of Sigmar events in the West of the US.  Recently he ran Summer Carnage at @AtEaseGames in San Diego.

Scott always does great Age of Sigmar event packs, so it is worth checking his out here: Summer Carnage pack.  The event used Realm of Battle Rules and allowed players to pick one realm spell from the realm for use in their army.

Congrats to the following podium winners:

  • Jarrett Zazuetta – Seraphon
  • James Thomas – Tzeentch
  • Mathew Jones – Grand Host of Nagash

American Team Championships (ATC) Singles Event

The ATC has traditionally been a large 40k team event.  This year it added an Age of Sigmar event at (fairly) short notice.  I understand 12 players turned up and the podium places were:

  • William Soehaili – Tzeentch
  • Robert Baer – Beastclaw Raiders
  • Terry Throop – Seraphon.

The Games Cube – Sydney, Australia

Every month runs a monthly 3 game mini-tournament in Sydney.  24 players turned up to the first event under Age of Sigmar Second Edition and it was taken out by friend of the show, Mr Anthony Magro (Legion of Night with Mannfred).

If you are in or near Sydney, check out Anthony’s Sydney GT in September.