AoS Shorts: Your Essential Guide to Age of Sigmar

London GT 2019 Report

The London GT 2019 was run and done this weekend with a massive crowd of gamers for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40,000 and Blood Bowl events. All at a brand new venue in London, the Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre (still complete with an athletics track 😉 ). The esteemed Marc Wilson organised the Age of Sigmar event and he is a dab hand at running large events smoothly. Marc’s Bloodtithe international team tournament events have always had rave reviews.

In this post, I’ll cover the London GT 2019 pack, the results and awards, the faction breakdowns, top lists and all the coverage.

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Age of Sigmar

London GT 2019 Pack

So let’s check out the pack. The key details were:

  • 2hr 45min rounds (a necessity I feel in current Age of Sigmar)
  • 2,000 points
  • General’s Handbook 2019
  • Only Warscrolls in ‘Pitched Battle Profiles 2019’, Battletomes released between June 22 nd – September 7th 2019, ‘Season of War: Firestorm’ and ‘Forbidden Power’ are valid.
  • Realm artefacts are in play.
  • Realm spells can be used (see below).
  • Realms of battle are not used.
  • Mercenaries are in play.
  • Scenery pre-rolled and placed by the organizers.
  • 12 of the 18 Hidden Agendas will be used. Players must select 2 per game to use (and each can only be used once).

The battleplans and realms were announced on the day:

  • Round 1: Starstrike in Ghur (Amber Spear, Primal Hunter)
  • Round 2: Focal Points in Ulgu (Labyrinth, Aetheric Tenderls)
  • Round 3: Places of Arcane Power in Chamon (Curse of Rust, Rule of Burning Iron)
  • Round 4: Knife to the Heart in Hysh (Light of Battle, Vengeful Illumination)
  • Round 5: Total Conquest in Aqshy (Fiery Blast, Stoke Rage)

The London GT also hosted an Age of Sigmar Doubles Event on the Friday afternoon and event. A three round swiss event. The pack for that event is here. The event was taken out my Mr Donal Taylor and Mr Cunis.

London GT 2019 Results

So, the awards for the London GT 2019 were:

  • Best General – Piotr Kurkowski (Daughters)
  • Best General, 1st Runner Up – Darren Watson (DoT)
  • Best General, 2nd Runner Up – Philipp Kartaev (Fyreslayers)
  • Best Appearance – Jimbo (Stormcast)
  • Best Appearance, 1st Runner Up – Ming (Troggs!)
  • Best Appearance, 2nd Runner Up – Sam Saunders (Stormcast)
  • Most Sporting – Shared by Mitzy, Steve Curtis and Laurie HW
  • Best in Allegiance (too many to list)
  • Giant Killer (for anyone beating Darren Watson, last year’s champ) – Not awarded as Darren went undefeated!
  • The ‘Das Boot’ Submarine commander (player with the best Sunday score) – ???

The full results for the London GT 2019 are up on Tabletop.TO but here are the highlights. The top 25 saw an impressive spread of 13 different factions. For all the gnashing of teeth about some of the 2019 factions, there is a strong competitive balance at the top end of the field. Factions in the top 25 were:

  • Daughters of Khaine
  • Disciples of Tzeentch
  • Fyreslayers
  • Skaven
  • Flesh-Eater Courts
  • Grand Host of Nagash
  • Idoneth Deepkin
  • Blades of Khorne
  • Ironjawz
  • Slaanesh
  • Sylvaneth
  • Stormcast Eternals
  • Seraphon

London GT 2019 Lists

The full lists for the London GT 2019 are available on Tabletop TO. However, the top four are:

First: Piotr Kurkowski (DoK)

Piotr is a top Polish player that has been smashing face with Daughters, Deepkin and Sylvaneth over the last year or so. He’ll be looking to follow up this strong result with more trophies at the Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament Finals later this month.

Second: Darren Watson (Tzeentch)

Darren, Darren, Darren. Team England’s darling and frequent sharer of Age of Sigmar tactical knowledge, both with his Honest Wargamer list diaries and his tactica on the Hampshire Hammerers blog and this site. Darren took the newly reinvigorated Changehost – partying like it is 2017.

Third: Philipp Kartaev (Fyreslayers)

Philipp brought the angry hot dwarves from Russia. He played Darren in game four in Knife to the Heart.

Fourth: Jack Armstrong (Skaven)

London GT Best Appearance

The Best Appearance categories at the London GT were taken out by those hobby stalwarts, Jimbo and Ming from the Realms at War crew.

Jimbo took out first place with his beautiful NMM Stormcast army. This army has really been a labour of love for Jimbo as he looked to push his skills to the limits and learn new tricks.

Ming brought the Dankhold, his narrative and beautifully painted Troggoth force. There was also a bit of flair from a UV torch acting as the Bad Moon and bringing out hidden details on his army.

You can see other pictures of the armies nominated for best painted in the gallery below.

London GT 2019 Coverage

There was full coverage across the weekend provided by the stream team at the Honest Wargamer. The crew for this event were Rob Symes, James Powell of the Scribes of War club in Stratford upon Avon, Scrivo and Donal Taylor.

All the games are available for free to watch back on the Honest Wargamer Twitch channel and Loonboss Donal provided roaming coverage on the Honest Wargamer Twitter account. I’ve also embedded the videos below.

Game 1: Skaven vs Sylvaneth

Game 2: Fyreslayers vs Beasts of Chaos

Game 3: Skaven vs Stormcast Eternals

Game 4: FEC vs Daughters of Khaine

Game 5: Skaven vs Disciples of Tzeentch

Age of Sigmar LGT Review

ETC 2019 Team Lists

Hey all, the World Cup of Warhammer, the European Team Championships (or ETC 2019) is now less than a month away and the team lists are out! The ETC is a 6 player Age of Sigmar team event with teams from 12 countries from around the world. This year Serbia is playing host.

Today’s post is covering all the team lists from the event. For more coverage, check out the Team England and Team USA announcements on the site 🙂 I’ll also have a post later this week covering the pack and scenarios 🙂

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Age of Sigmar

What are the European Team Championships?

The European Team Championships is the World Cup of Warhammer with national teams from around the world competing in Warhammer Fantasy (before AoS) and Warhammer 40k, as well as The Ninth Age and Flames of War.  Age of Sigmar was run as a side-event in 2018 and is now growing to fully-fledged game system this year with 19 teams registered so far.

ETC 2019

Where and when is ETC 2019?

The ETC is held August 9-11 2019 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

What is the format?

Teams of 6 players face off in a series of individual games each round, with a combined score determining the results of each round.  The event will be over 6 rounds to decide the overall winner.

The event is using General’s Handbook 2018 and a mixture of core book and GHB2018 battleplans. I’ll cover the pack in detail later this week.

ETC 2019 Round 1 Draw

The draw for the first round has been done and there are some juicy early match-ups, in particular England vs USA.


ETC 2019 Team Lists

And here are the lists! You can download the PDF or keep on scrolling. With thanks to Dave the Chin of the Hero Phase podcast/events/studios for the graphics.


Czech Republic












Northern Invasion 2019

Hey everyone, now for one of the highlights of the Warhammer Age of Sigmar scene in Scotland, Northern Invasion 2019. Northern Invasion is the eponymous event of the Northern Invastion podcast, TO’d and organised by Stu West (the man with one of the longest commutes in the world for AoS events, all the way from the Orkneys). Every year Stu runs a great event combining hobby, narrative & strong competitive gaming.

For more from Northern Invasion, check out their podcast, Facebook page and Patreon. The guys do a massive amount for the Scottish AoS scene.

Talking of Scots, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive. Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

Northern Invasion 2019 Players’ Pack

The Northern Invasion events are tied together with a narrative thread from event to event. For this year’s incarnation, Tzeentch’s success means that the battle has shifted from Ghyran to the Realm of Chaos.

The key points of the event pack were:

  • 2,000 points – General’s Handbook 2019 (FAQ, but not FAQ points in play – the FAQ came out on the day lists were due)
  • Each player must select 6 Hidden Agendas and include them in their army list. One must be chosen each game and each may only be used once.
  • Hills will be counted as scenery and, as such, will be subject to a mysterious terrain roll at the onset of each game.
  • Battleplans and Realmscape rules determined after list submission.
  • The pre-drawn Realmscape rules must be used in each game to score victory points – these will be drawn after list submission. Only armies from a given realm may use the special Command Ability listed in the Core Rules when playing in the Realm.
  • Where a battleplan states that a minor victory will be achieved by the force that takes the most kill points, this will only apply if the difference in kill points exceeds 200pts. Where the margin is less than 200pts, the game is drawn.
  • Games of AOS should consist 5 Battle Rounds. If it is clear that you will not complete your full game in the allotted time, a measured and pragmatic discussion should take place and any key rolls should be made to determine who would most likely have been the winner if the full term had been played.


  • Fully painted and coherently based army – 10 TPs
  • Voting in best-painted competitions and for naming favourite game – 10 TPs
  • Favourite Game Votes Received – 0-10 TPs (1 vote = 2 TPs, 2 votes = 5 TPs, 3+ votes = 10 TPs)
  • *Victory Points – 0-100 TPs (Major Victory = 18, Minor Victory = 12, Draw = 8, Minor Loss = 4, Major Loss = 0). Plus, each round, 1pt will be scored for achieving your chosen Hidden Agenda and 1pt will be scored for denying your opponent’s Hidden Agenda.
  • Each Warlord’s Narrative Award – 5TPs
  • Note: a 10 TP penalty will be applied for late list submissions or changes to lists.

In the event of a tie, the strength of schedule will be used as a first decider followed by Favourite Game votes. A final tie breaker will be net kill points.

The Battleplans and Realms

So after lists were submitted, the following Battleplans and Realms were selected.

  • Round 1 Aqshy Scorched Landscape Total Commitment 19
  • Round 2 Shyish Life Leaching Focal Points 19
  • Round 3 Chamon Metallic Hinterlands Better Part of Valour 19
  • Round 4 Ulgu Shadowed Mansions Relocation Orb 19
  • Round 5 Hysh Gleaming Vistas Places of Arcane Power 19

The Greatest Backstory

As part of the narrative flavour of the event, players submitted 50-500 word backstories for their forces.

These backstories were judged by none-other than Black Library author, Josh Reynolds.

The Warlord’s Narrative

Northern Invasion encourages a narrative style of play and seeks to recognise those Warlords that are the best at what they do. This year there were four ‘Warlord’s Narrative’ awards, each of which were worth 5TPs.

Only generals that are non-unique and are not behemoths were eligible for the ‘Warlord’s Narrative’.

  • The Beastkiller – Awarded to the Warlord that personally slays the most Behemoths during the course of the event by any means.
  • The Master Assassin – Awarded to the Warlord that personally inflicts the most wounds during the combat/shooting phases throughout the event.
  • Master of Magic – Awarded to the Warlord who successfully casts the most spells throughout the event.
  • Blessed by Ranald – Awarded to the Warlord who suffers the least wounds throughout the event (wounds healed back are still considered to be wounds taken).

The Badge of Shame

Each year, the event awards a badge of shame to the “filthiest” list submitted. The aim is not to identify the most competitive or finely honed list, but that list which encapsulates “filth”, the idea of pushing a concept or taking an advantage to its competitive extreme.

Now, I’ve had the pleasure of awarding this in the last two years. Last year was a four Ballista and Comet list, and this year was Nathan Watson’s 4 Verminlord Skaven Endless Spells list.

Not only did Nathan follow the Tom Mawdsley template, but he also took a large number of movement blocking Endless Spells, sure to cramp opponent’s play.

The Best Man

The counterpoint for the Badge of Shame is the Best Man. Judged by all-round nice bloke, Clint Mallet of Heralds of War and CanCon TO.

My pick is Iain Hunter because it’s clearly a load of bull.

I have to love an army of ambushing Bullgors and Doombulls. Nothing says surprise like a proper herd suddenly in your back lines.

I feel like he’s missing the battalion to give him some drop flexibility and an additional artefact. But he may have just opted for more bulls and that’s fine.

You can read the full pack for more information.


So the results for Northern Invasion 2019 were:

  • Overall Tournament Champion (most TPs)
  • Best General in each Grand Alliance (VPs only)
  • Consumate Commander (highest net KPs)
    • Andy Currie (with KO)
  • Lord of the Realm (most VPs of armies from each Realm)
  • Last Placed
    • Iain Hunter (best man and last)
  • Best Army
    • Adam Rawson
  • Best Painted Warlord
  • Finest Backstory
  • Beastkiller Award (Warlord’s Narrative – most behemoths slain)
    • John Craig
  • Master Assassin (Warlord’s Narrative – most wounds inflicted during the shooting/combat phase)
    • Sean McKechnie
  • Master of Magic (Warlord’s Narrative – most spells successfully cast)
    • David Jack (Alexander)
  • Blessed by Ranald (Warlord’s Narrative – least wounds suffered)
    • Shane Kingston
  • A God Amongst Men (receives 5 favourite game votes)

You can find the full Warscore standings here.

Northern Invasion Top Lists

Northern Invasion had 46 players, with 21 different allegiances and 0 Daughters of Khaine Players.

The most common Endless Spells were – Geminids (6), Maelstrom (6) and Palisade (5).

The 5 most selected Hidden Agendas were Invade, Slay, Ancient Heirlooms, Retake and Onslaught.

The 5 least taken were Sorcerer Supreme, Obliterate, Linebreaker, Overrun and Terrify.

You can check out the full Northern Invasion 2019 lists, or just the top lists below.

Leigh Martin – 1st – Slaanesh

John Craig – 2nd – Devoted of Sigmar!

John Bayliss – 3rd – Khorne

Northern Invasion Coverage

With thanks to the people of Twitter, here are some pictures from the event weekend.

American Team Championships 2019

Hey all, this last weekend saw the American Team Championships 2019 hosted at Camp Jordan, East Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Primarily a Warhammer 40k event (with over 400 players), the ATC is trying to grow the Warhammer Age of Sigmar event, with official support from Games Workshop. This year the event had six teams of four players, I’ll cover the pack, the results, and the top lists in this post.

Games Workshop also hosted a small preview event at the ATC. Ben Johnson, Product Developer for the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Studio, previewed the sixth Chaos warband for Warcry, the Cypher Lords, and gave further details about the new Warcry game. You can find all the details over on Warhammer Community.

As always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive. Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

ATC 2019 Players’ Pack

The American Team Championships are a four player team event. You can read the full pack, and check out the highlights below:

  • 2,000 point armies and General’s Handbook 2018
  • Four rounds, each 3.5 hours long (including pairings).
  • Each player brings an army from a different Grand Alliance
  • No Realmscape Features or Realm Spells
  • One Realm Artefact per team.
  • Hidden Agendas in play (two per team player each round, no duplicates, revealed to your opponent)
  • Pre-set terrain
  • Model Conversion Policy
  • Paint Competition Guidelines
  • Sportsmanship / Code of Conduct


The battleplans for the event were all selected from the Core Book and General’s Handbook 2018.

  • Round 1
    • (A) Three Places of Power (CB p315)
    • (A) Total Conquest (GHB 51)
    • (B) Gifts from the Heavens (CB p316)
    • (B) The Relocation Orb (GHB p61)
  • Round 2
    • (A) Duality of Death (GHB p52)
    • (A) Battle for the Pass (GHB p53)
    • (B) Starstrike (GHB P54)
    • (B) Focal Points (GHB p57)
  • Round 3
    • (A) Places of Arcane Power (GHB p 60)
    • (A) Total Commitment (GHB p56)
    • (B) Shifting Objectives (GHB p59)
    • (B) Escalation (CB p313)
  • Round 4
    • (A) Knife to the Heart (GHB p50)
    • (A) Scorched Earth (GHB p55)
    • (B) Border War (CB p314)
    • (B) The Better Part of Valour (GHB p58)


The scoring was as follows:

  • Major win: 16 TP
  • Minor win: 12 TP
  • Draw: 8 TP
  • Minor loss: 4 TP
  • Major loss: 0 TP
  • Complete Hidden Agenda: 1 TP
  • Prevent Opponent’s Hidden Agenda: 1 TP

Each team adds up the points for their players and the team with most points will be declared the winner. Kill points are used as the first tiebreaker.

Team scores are capped between 20 and 60 tournament points a round. This prevents skewed results from the initial draw.

Pairing system

  • Captains have 20 minutes before each game to discuss with their team what the best strategy is for the round and to work out the pairings for the round.
  • Distribution of Hidden Agendas among team members will also have to be completed within this 20 minutes.
  • Step 1
    • For the first set of pairings, both teams select an army and place it face down on the table.
    • When both teams have selected their armies, they are then revealed simultaneously.
    • The teams then select two armies each to counter the revealed army of the opposing team, and place them face down on the table.
    • When all four armies have been placed, they are then revealed simultaneously.
    • Out of the two armies placed by their opponents, each team selects one to play against the army that they placed initially.
    • For the second set of pairings, the unselected army remaining at the end of the Step 1 process remains on the table and will automatically play against the opposing armies left at hand.
  • Step 2
    • Team Captains roll off (using an official ATC die).
    • The winner distributes the first two scenarios (A) on the scenario list for the current round to any two of the player matches that were determined in Step 1.
    • The opposing Team Captain then determines the tables that these matches will be played on.
    • Then the Captain that lost the roll off will distribute the last 2 scenarios (B) on the scenario list for the current round to the two remaining player matches that were determined in Step 1 and the opposing Team Captain then determines the tables that these matches will be played on.
  • Step 3
    • Proceed with the distribution of Hidden Agendas among team members.

ATC 2019 Results

The event was run via the Best Coast Pairings app – a great app for iOS and Android that I have previously covered on the site. You can check out all the results and pairings on the app.

The clear winners were Grain Alliance Alcohol, who got maximum 60 point scores in each of their rounds, and won 15 out of 16 individual match-ups. Comprehensively taking out the overall title and the top position in each of the Grand Alliances.

  • 1st: Grain Alliance Alcohol
    • Zach Caschetta (Stormcast)
    • Brendan Melnick (Flesh-Eater Courts)
    • Jacob Berry (Skaventide)
    • Carson Burns (Gloomspite)
  • 2nd: Back 2 Back ATC Champions
    • Brian Sayman (Disciples of Tzeentch)
    • Scooter Walters (Flesh-Eater Courts)
    • William Bankard (Ironjawz)
    • Lincoln Tidwell (GA Order)
  • 3rd: Sigmar and Chill
    • Rob Fortin (Gloomspite)
    • Philip Fortin (Nighthaunt)
    • Al Hasting (Khorne)
    • Daniel Sacdalan (Stormcast)

ATC 2019 Winning Lists

You can find all the lists on Best Coast Pairings, but the lists for Grain Alliance Alcohol were:

Zach Caschetta – Stormcast

Brendan Melnick – Flesh-Eater Courts

Jacob Berry – Skaventide

Carson Burns – Gloomspite

ATC 2019 Gallery

With thanks to on site reporter, Ben Johnson, here is a selection of photos from the event.

Rage of Sigmar 2019

Hey there, back into the swing of things with a tournament report from Rage of Sigmar 2019, the first two-day Age of Sigmar event run by the Bad Moon Cafe in London, UK. The Bad Moon Cafe is a great venue (check out my profile for it), and has an awesome local scene developing with some strong lists. It is really interesting seeing the early General’s Handbook 2019 meta developing. Here you’ll find the pack, lists and results.

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Age of Sigmar

Rage of Sigmar Players’ Pack

The event was played using General’s Handbook 2019 pitched battle rules and scenarios.


Congratulations to all the players that took home awards:

  • First – Daniil Osudin – Changehost
  • Second – Benjamin Savva – Legion of Grief
  • Third – Sam Loving – Stormcast Eternals
  • Wax Wings (Max Points Day 1, Low Points Day 2) – Leo Rautonen (Ironjawz)
  • Puppy Smasher (Low Points Day 1, Max Points Day 2) – Ralph Hughes (Greywater Fastness)
  • Best Painted – Thomas Lemoine

The Wax Wings and Puppy Smasher awards were sponsored by the “non-litigious” Rage of Sigmar podcast from the US.

You can find the full results over on Tabletop.TO.

Rage of Sigmar Top Lists

You can find all the Rage of Sigmar lists here, and see the top lists below. There was quite a mix of factions, with a strong showing for Death.

Check out the full lists over at Tabletop.TO.

Daniil Osudin – 1st – Changehost

Benjamin Savva – 2nd – Legion of Grief

Sam L – 3rd – Stormcast Eternals

List not published.

Matthew G – 4th – Seraphon

Martijn Zuidema – 5th – SCE

Bad Moon Cafe Coverage

Hugh and everyone at the Bad Moon Cafe put together some great coverage over on their YouTube channel. You can find highlights, table-walks and short interviews with some of the players.


With thanks to those at the event, here is a selection of photos from Rage of Sigmar 2019.

Upcoming events

The Bad Moon Cafe runs monthly one-day Age of Sigmar events called War in the Mortal Realms. So if you are in the area, pop down and check them out. Tickets are available here.

Lord of War 2019 Preview

This weekend, Generals Handbook 2018 goes out with a bang with Lord of War 2019, a 65 player matched play Warhammer Age of Sigmar event in Melbourne Australia hosted by The Dwellers Below. Lord of War and the AoS GT Heat 3 in the UK will see the GHB2018 tournament season draw to a close. One last hurrah before the turn of the wheel and (potentially) a new tournament meta.

In this post, you’ll find the pack, the lists and links to all the coverage planned for the weekend.

As always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive. Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

Lord of War 2019 Players’ Pack

Here is the Players’ Pack. Breakdown to come later today.


All the lists for Lord of War 2019 are here (in PDF) and on the Down Under Pairings site. Check out the Doom and Darkness list review show for a breakdown of all the lists with Sam Morgan of the Dwellers and Hey Woah Twitch.

Event Coverage

Live-streaming and interviews will be on the Dwellers Below Twitch Channel.

Pairings and results are on Down Under Pairings.

On Twitter, check out #LordofWar and the Twitter list of attendees.

BrisVegas Open Results

This weekend also saw 90+ players attend the BrisVegas Open at Briscon in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia to battle it out in a hot tin shed. This post covers the pack, the results, awards and pictures of the event. However, the story of the weekend has to Nick Guthrie’s 31 drop Gitmob Grots list with all the Snotling Pump Wagons in Australia.

And, as always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive. Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

BrisVegas Open Pack

The BrisVegas Open was fought over five rounds using realm artefacts but not full realm rules. The organisers also used a unique approach to scoring. Check out the full pack here.

Bris Vegas Open will be trying a new way of scoring Major and minor victories, this will be based on the difference between the score at the end of the game.

The exact differences will be listed on the tournament scoring sheet at the be-ginning of the weekend.

As an example: Battle for the Pass, if you beat your opponent by 6VP or more you will win a major victory, if you beat your opponent by 1—5VP you will win a minor victo-ry.

The aim of this is to more accurately reflect the outcome of a game being close or a crushing defeat.

  • Painting and Army List Points Total 35TP
    • Army list submitted on time 5TP
    • Army list submitted in correct format 5TP
    • Army is painted to minimum standard 15TP
    • Army is painted to a higher standard (per rubric) up to 25TP
  • Gaming/Battle Points Total 100TP
    • Available points per game 20TP
    • Major Victory 16TP
    • Minor Victory 12TP
    • Draw 8TP
    • Minor Loss 4TP
    • Major Loss 0 TP
    • Secondary Objective 4TP
  • Sports Points Total 30TP
    • Sports Points per game 5TP
    • At least one Best Opponent Vote 5TP
  • TOTAL 165 TP

BrisVegas Open Results

The full results will be published to Tabletop.TO, however, for now, here are the top 10. Australian Masters qualifier, Andrew Wright, took out the win with Fyreslayers.

Other results were:

  • Best Painted: James Lynch
  • Best Sports: Josh Maher

BrisVegas Open Top Lists

You can access all the lists in the Google Drive here and check out all the list coverage over on the Rune Axe Wargaming Facebook page.

BrisVegas Open Picture Gallery

And a collection of pictures from the weekend.

South Coast GT 2019 Results

Hey all, now that the weekend is done, we have the results for the South Coast GT 2019, one of the preeminent Warhammer Age of Sigmar events in the world . The 11th year of the event saw 120+ players from across the UK battle it out for supremacy in a hotly contested field. You can read my preview post for a full breakdown of the event pack, or read on for the results.

And, as always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive. Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

South Coast GT 2019 – Chamber of the 11th Soul

As covered in the preview, the event was fought across six rounds using randomly selected matched play battleplans and pre-determined subsets of the realm rules. So what was in play?

  • Round 1: Border War in Hysh
  • Round 2: Starstrike in Ghur
  • Round 3: Shifting Objectives in Ulgu]
  • Round 4: Total Commitment in Shyish
  • Round 5: Duality of Death in Aqshy
  • Round 6: Scorched Earth in Ghyran

Warhammer TV coverage

Warhammer TV were at the South Coast GT live-streaming all weekend. If you are a subscriber on Twitch, you can go back and watch some top-quality Warhammer commentated by the Warhammer TV presenters with guest commentary from Russ Veal (former UK #1 and Master) and Dan Heelan (of Team England ETC and Heelanhammer).

With thanks to Vincent Knotley, he who corrals the chat, the match-ups on stream were as follows.

Game 1: Sylvaneth vs Anvils of Heldenhammer


  • Sylvaneth – Ghyran
  • Alarielle the Everqueen (Throne of Vines)
  • Spirit of Durthu
  • Treelord Ancient (General, Gnarled Warrior, The Oaken Armour, Regrowth)
  • Branchwraith (Ranu’s Lamentiri, Verdent Blessing)
  • Branchwych (Acorn of Ages, Treesong)
  • 10 Dryads
  • 2 x 5 Tree-Revenants
  • Household
  • Gnarlroot Wargrove
  • Chronomantic Cogs


  • Anvils of the Heldenhammer Stormcast – Ulgu
  • Lord-Castellant,
  • Lord-Celestant (General, Sword of Judgement, Deathly Aura),
  • Lord-Relictor (Soulthief, Translocation),
  • 10 Judicators,
  • 5 Judicators,
  • 3 x 5 Liberators,
  • 3 Prosecutors,
  • 5 Protectors,
  • 10 Retributors
  • Warrior Brotherhood

Game 2: Khorne vs Deepkin

Paul Marshallsay

  • Dhom-Hain Idoneth Deepkin – Ulgu
  • Akhelian King (General, Born from Agony, Cloud of Midnight),
  • Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Sea (Sword of Judgement, Steed of Tides),
  • Isharann Soulscryer,
  • 3 Akhelian Ishlaen Guard,
  • 3 Akhelian Ishlaen Guard,
  • 6 Akhelian Morrsarr Guard,
  • 1 Akhelian Allopex,
  • Akhelian Leviadon
  • Akhelian Corps

Mark Wildman

  • Khorne Reapers of Vengance
  • Archaon,
  • Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (General, Mage Eater, Crimson Crown),
  • Bloodsecrator (Skullshard Mantle),
  • Bloodstoker,
  • Slaughterpriest (Bronzed Flesh),
  • 30 Bloodletters,
  • 3 x 10 Bloodreavers,
  • Dark Feast
  • Hexgorger Skulls

Game 3: Nighthaunt vs Tzeentch

Karl Breakspear

  • Nighthaunt – Hysh
  • Dreadblade Harrow (General, Ruler of the Spirit Hosts, Aetherquartz Brooch),
  • 2 x Spirit Torment
  • Lady Olynder,
  • Mortarch of Grief (Soul Cage),
  • Vampire Lord,
  • 10 Bladegheist Revenants,
  • 2 x 10 Grimghast Reapers,
  • 12 Myrnmourn Banshees,
  • 6 Spirit Hosts,
  • Black Coach
  • Geminids of Uhl-Gysh

Forest Wilhoite

  • Tzeentch – Ghur
  • Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (General, Arcane Sacrifice, Bolt of Tzeentch),
  • Lord of Change (Tzeentch’s Firestorm, Gryph-feather Charm),
  • The Blue Scribes (Fold Reality),
  • Tzaangor Shaman (Glimpse the Future),
  • 10 Kairic Acolytes,
  • 10 Pink Horrors (Fold Reality),
  • 10 Pink Horrors (Unchecked Mutation),
  • 9 Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc
  • Aethervoid Pendulum, Balewind Vortex, Geminids of Uhl-Gysh, The Burning Head, Umbral Spellportal

Game 4: Ironjawz vs Maggotkin

Ian Hannam

  • Ironjawz – Ghur
  • Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (General, Choppa and Fist, Ironclad, The Boss Skewer),
  • Orruk Megaboss (Gryph-feather Charm),
  • Orruk Warchanter,
  • Orruk Weirdnob Shaman,
  • 10 Orruk Brutes (Gore-hackas, 2 Gore Choppas),
  • 5 Orruk Brutes (Gore-Hackas, 1 Gore Choppa),
  • 10 Ardboyz (3 shields, 7 Big Choppas),
  • 2 x 3 Orruk Gore Gruntas (Choppas),
  • Ironfist
  • Chronomantic Cogs

Terry Pike

  • Maggotkin of Nurgle
  • Great Unclean One (General, Plague Flail, Massive BileSword, Pestilent Breath, Endless Gift),
  • Great Unclean One (Bile Blade & Doomsday Bell, Witherstave),
  • Rotigus,
  • 2 x 30 Plaguebearers,
  • 5 Putrid Blightkings
  • Thricefold Befoulment
  • Umbral Spell Portal

Game 5: Daughters of Khaine vs Skaventide

Jack Armstrong

  • Hagg Nar Daughters of Khaine – Ghur
  • Morathi (Mindrazor),
  • Slaughter Queen on Cauldron (General, Devoted Disciples, Gryph-feather Charm, Catachism),
  • Hag Queen (Iron Circlet, Blessing of Khaine),
  • Hag Queen (Martyr’s Sacrifice),
  • Knight-Incantor,
  • 30 Witch Aelves (Bucklers),
  • 30 Witch Aelves (Knives),
  • 10 Witch Aelves (Knives),
  • 2 x 5 Khinerai Lifetakers
  • Cauldron Guard

Tom Mawdsley

  • Skaventide
  • Verminlord Warpseer (General, Master of Magic),
  • Verminlord Corruptor (Sword of Judgement),
  • Verminlord Deceiver,
  • Lord Skreech Verminking,
  • Grey Seer (Skitterleap),
  • 3 x 20 Clanrats
  • Aethervoid Pendulum, Geminids of Uhl-Gysh, Soulsnare Shackles, Umbral Spellportal, Vermintide, Warp Lightning Vortex, Chronomantic Cogs, Prismatic Palisade

Game 6: Flesh-Eater Courts vs Daughters of Khaine

Tony Moore

  • Flesh Eater Courts Gristlegore – Ulgu
  • Abhorrant Archregent (Monstrous Vigour),
  • Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (General, Savage Strike, Ghurish Mawshard, Blood Feast, Gruesome Bite),
  • Abhorrant Ghoul King on Royal Zombie Dragon (Doppelganger Cloak, Spectral Host, Razor-Clawed),
  • Abhorrant Ghoul King (Deranged Transformation),
  • Crypt Ghast Courtier,
  • 3 x 10 Crypt Ghouls
  • Ghoul Patrol
  • Cadaverous Barricade, Chalice of Ushoran, Corpsemare Stampede

Jack Armstrong

  • Hagg Nar Daughters of Khaine – Ghur
  • Morathi (Mindrazor),
  • Slaughter Queen on Cauldron (General, Devoted Disciples, Gryph-feather Charm, Catachism),
  • Hag Queen (Iron Circlet, Blessing of Khaine),
  • Hag Queen (Martyr’s Sacrifice),
  • Knight-Incantor,
  • 30 Witch Aelves (Bucklers),
  • 30 Witch Aelves (Knives),
  • 10 Witch Aelves (Knives),
  • 2 x 5 Khinerai Lifetakers
  • Cauldron Guard

South Coast GT 2019 Results

So the South Coast GT 2019 results were:

You can see the full results over on Warscore – the top 12 were:

As you can see, we really are starting to see the rise of Skaven in the UK scene, the continued strength of Daughters of Khaine (such a good book) and a mix of Flesh-Eater Courts, the new Blades of Khorne, and soon to be updated Slaanesh.

South Coast GT Top Lists

As everyone is usually interested in lists, the top lists were:




I’ll add more lists as I get them.

Painting and Hobby Awards

The South Coast GT is always a great opportunity to see some truly amazing hobby. For the last few years, the event has also run an open painting competition on the Saturday night with a number of great prizes up for grabs. The best place to find the pictures of these events are Heelanhammer and the Pro Painted Podcast on Twitter, check them out.

South Coast GT Photos

Finally, I’ll round out the coverage with a gallery of pictures from the event across the weekend. Check out those sweet tables and armies in action.

South Coast GT 2019 Preview

Hey all, cutting it fine with my South Coast GT 2019 preview now that the event has started, but better late than never. The South Coast GT has been one of the largest Warhammer Fantasy events in the UK consistently over the last ten years! In this post, I go through the event pack and touch some key points before the weekend. On Monday, I’ll wrap up all the results, awards and top lists.

In the mean time, you can watch all the coverage over on Warhammer TV on Twitch.

And, as always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive. Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

South Coast GT 2019 – Chamber of the 11th Soul

This year is the 11th South Coast GT! Its held in Horndean Portsmouth by Dan Heelan and Wayne Kemp of Heelanhammer fame and Russ Veal of Facehammer. Previously this event has reached 200 players – this year it looks like around 150 players.

Let’s break down the players pack! You can read it in its entirety here.

SCGT 2019 Player Pack

The event is held over six rounds – a premiere, destination event with a large field needs six rounds often to find a true winner.

  • Game 1: 9 – 11:45, Saturday
  • Game 2: 12:45 – 15:30
  • Game 3: 15:45 – 18:30
  • Game 4: 9 – 11:45, Sunday
  • Game 5: 12:45 – 15:30
  • Game 6: 15:45 – 18:30

Armies are selected according to matched play and General’s Handbook 2018. Rules up to April 20th are in force.

Lists are submitted on the day – so I will do my best to pull the top lists together over the weekend.


All 18 matched play battleplans are potentially in play at the South Coast GT. The battleplan will be randomly determined on the day using the Generals Handbook. Flexibility in army selection is therefore key for success!

Realms Rules

The South Coast GT organisers have selected sets of realm rules from each of the realms. A realm set will be randomly selected for each battleplan.

  • Shyish
    • Realmsphere Magic: Pall of Doom
    • Realm Commands: Soul-Forged Sacrifice,
    • Realmscape Feature: Haunted Realm
    • Realm Spell: Unnatural Darkness
  • Aqshy
    • Realmsphere Magic: Fireball
    • Realm Commands: Firestarter
    • Realmscape Feature: Clouds of Smoke and Steam
    • Realm Spell: Inferno Blades
  • Chamon
    • Realmsphere Magic: Transmutation of Lead
    • Realm Commands: Adapt or Die,
    • Realmscape Feature: Rust Plague
    • Realm Spell: Curse of Rust
  • Ghur
    • Realmsphere Magic: WIldform
    • Monstrous Beasts rule will not be used
    • Realmscape Feature: Reckless Agression
    • Realm Spell: Primal Hunter
  • Ghyran
    • Realmsphere Magic: Shield of Thorns
    • Realm Commands: Command the Land
    • Realmscape Feature: Hidden Festering Corruption
    • Realm Spell: Realmblood
  • Hysh
    • Realmsphere Magic: Pha’s Protection
    • Realm Commands: Strike quickly
    • Realmscape Feature: Speed of Light
    • Realm Spell: Exorcising Beam
  • Ulgu
    • Realmsphere Magic: Mystifying Miasma
    • Realm Command: We will not be using the “lord of the shadow realm” command ability
    • Realmscape Feature: Darkly Shaded
    • Realm Spell: Bridge of Shadows

South Coast GT Scoring System

The Overall Champion will be the person with the most Tournament Points. So how do you score Tournament Points?

  • Army is painted to the minimum standard = 20 TPs
  • Army is cohesive = 10 TPs
  • Army list in on time = 5 TPs
  • Army list is legal and in correct format = 5 TPs
  • Major Victory = 16 TPs
  • Minor Victory = 12 TPs
  • Draw = 8 TPs
  • Minor Loss = 4 TPs
  • Major Loss = 0 TPs
  • Hidden Agenda Points = 24 TPs available
    • 1 TP for each Hidden Agenda completed
    • 1 TP for each Hidden Agenda your opponent did not complete.

The tiebreakers are:

  • Who has scored the most Hidden Agenda points
  • Strength of Schedule (combined gaming point score of all opponents)
  • Kill points

Hidden Agendas

The South Coast GT 2019 is using the Hidden Agendas from Games Workshop but in its own way.

  • Players will select two agendas per game after set up is complete but before the first battle round
  • Both players should place the cards in front of them face down.
  • Once both players have picked then these will be turned face up.
  • These are Open information from this point on.
  • You can only use each Agenda once during the event! (this means that all 12 agendas will be used during the event)

South Coast GT Awards

There are a large number of awards up for grabs over the weekend – with the painting awards sponsored by the Pro Painted podcast

  • The SCGT Champion!
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  • Best General in each Grand Alliance (based on Agenda points)
  • Best Sportsmen
    • each player has a single vote
  • Best Army 1st 2nd and 3rd (judge selected)
  • “Coolest” Army (judge selected)
  • Best Terrain
  • Painting Masterclass
    • Best in Show – The judges choice of the best miniature in the show
    • Hero of Sigmar – Best single miniature
    • The Godbeast –Best Behemoth/large model
    • The Chosen – Best Unit
    • The Unbound – Open Category winner

Adepticon 2019 Championships

Hey all, the last post in my Adepticon 2019 series is covering the Age of Sigmar Championships held over 30/31 March 2019. 180+ players playing 2,000 point matched play Age of Sigmar in the halls of Adepticon, the world’s premiere wargaming convention, just outside Chicago, USA. For more Adepticon 2019 coverage, check out:

And, as always, check out Dark Fantastic Mills for great 3D printed terrain perfect for wargaming.  Its super versatile and light so worldwide shipping is inexpensive. Use the “aos shorts” discount code for a further 10% off the already decent prices.

Age of Sigmar

Adepticon 2019 Championships

The Adepticon 2019 Championships is the largest Age of Sigmar event in the USA, with over 180 players this year. The key details of the pack are:

  • the new Blades of Khorne book is not in play
  • scenarios announced on the day
  • Malign Sorcery rules are in force – with each game being played in a pre-determined realm with a pre-determined realmscape feature (both announced on the day)
  • Hidden Agendas will be used as secondary objectives

Adepticon 2019 Results

And here are all the results!

  • First Overall – Samuel Gould (SERAPHON! USA! USA! USA!)
  • 2nd – Adam Trunzo! (Skaven) – podium two years’ running!
  • 3rd – Ben Allen
  • Best Order – Liam Cook
  • Best Death – Bill Souza (FEC)
  • Best Destruction – Byron Orde!!!!
  • Best Chaos – James Pruesser

NB: lists are hand-submitted on the day for Adepticon events. I am trying my best to get copies of the lists from those that attended, and tracking people down on social media. I will update this post with the lists when I have them.

  • Best Apperance – Jason Zayjac (Sylvaneth)
  • 2nd – Oscar Lars (Stormcast)
  • 3rd – Chris Slye (Idoneth Deepkin)
  • Players’ Choice – Oscar Lars
  • 2nd – Mitzy!
  • 3rd – James Pruesser

You can find the full results on Warscore.

Painting Nominations

Thanks to Jimbo at the event, here are galleries of each of the painting nominations at Adepticon 2019.

Anvils of Sigmar by Papa Andy (@NerdApprentice)

AZTech by @AlAztech

The Emerald Knights by Richard Joshua

Shadeth Klynn by @MSminis

Donnie’s Tzeentch (@GLWL1)

The Force of the Seven Puppies by Oscar Lars

Chris Slye’s Idoneth Deepkin

Rustfoot’s Iron Moon Clobber Boys by Andrew Tolstedt

The Huntspinney of Sequoyya by @Jimbo9Jimbo

The House of the Flying Daggers by Martin Orlando

The Black Procession by Tyler Mengel

Legion of Blood by David Griffin

The Lords of the Fly by Mike Butcher

Sylvaneth by Jason Zajac

Valar Morghulis by Tom Lyons of Warhammer Weekly.

Court of the Carrion King by Tony of Warscroll Builder